healthy Jam Crumble Slice recipe. Symply Too Good To Be True recipe by Annette Sym.

Jam Crumble Slice

My Jam Crumble Slice is a guilt-free lunchbox treat! Wrap in individual serves and place in the freezer ready to add to your lunchbox.

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Healthy Date Loaf recipe. Annette Sym Date Loaf recipe

Date Loaf

Date Loaf is always a favourite recipe. My version is much lower in sugar and fat than a traditional version, but still enjoy in moderation.

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Anzac Biscuits

Golden Oat Crunches

My low fat alternative to Anzac biscuits. Oats are high in fibre and have a low GI making this a great snack option.

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Healthy Cherry Muffin recipe

Cherry Muffins

Love Cherry Ripe? My Cherry Muffins are sure to impress with just 142 calories and 1.1g of fat per muffin. Enjoy this guilt-free treat.

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healthy red velvet cupcakes recipe

Red Velvet Cupcakes

My Red Velvet Cupcakes are much lower in fat than traditional versions. These will be popular at your next charity morning tea.

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healthy Orange Fruit Loaf recipe

Orange Fruit Loaf

A simple tasty Orange Fruit Loaf. There’s no sugar added as there’s enough sweetness from the oranges and dried fruit.

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Vanilla Slice

Vanilla Slice

At last I’ve created a Vanilla Slice recipe that’s low in fat and calories. Enjoy occasionally guilt free and be sure to stop at one.

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Cheese Bacon and Onion Scone recipe

Cheese Bacon and Onion Scones

A savoury addition to my scone collection. My Cheese Bacon and Onion Scones are perfect with a cuppa for an afternoon snack. Freeze leftovers for another day.

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healthy low fat raspberry coconut slice

Raspberry Coconut Slice

Enjoy my Raspberry Coconut Slice guilt-free, but don’t be tempted to go back for seconds. Freeze leftovers individually for another day.

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