Do you find that life is getting way too busy? Unfortunately, one of the first things that often happens when life gets busy is our healthy eating plan goes out the window. Well I have a solution.

I’ve created my own range of Premium Breakfast Shakes. But before you switch off and say “I’ve tried shakes and they didn’t work for me” take a look below. Remember I was once where you are now and I created these shakes with you in mind!

In 2013, I commissioned a survey to look at the habits of the nation and see what was contributing to the increasing obesity statistics. There were over 2000 respondents and the glaring statistic was that 66% of them had tried shakes with no long-term success in losing and keeping their weight off. To be honest I don’t know anyone who has lost weight using shakes to replace several meals a day and actually kept the weight off long-term. Yes, they do well at first but once they return to their old way of eating all the weight they lost stacks back on and more! Sound familiar?

I made it my mission to find a shake I could recommend and use myself as a quick easy breakfast, but soon realised there was nothing on the market that I would personally use, let alone recommend to someone else. I wasn’t asking too much – they had to taste delicious, satisfy hunger and actually be healthy. None fit the bill, so I decided to create my own breakfast shake range which has all of the things I wanted in a shake. I love that they also offer a power pack of vitamins and minerals and are high in fibre.

I also wanted to educate people with the ‘right way’ to use shakes as part of a healthy lifestyle. Having shakes for all meals is not ideal, we have teeth for a reason so now with my menu plans specifically created for each flavour of the shakes you can learn how to have a shake once a day and still eat lunch, dinner and snacks. I created a downloadable 14 Day Weightloss Menu Plan for each Breakfast Shake flavour, complete with delicious recipes from my cookbook series and some new ‘unpublished’ recipes. By providing the Weightloss Menu Plan to be used in conjunction with the Premium Breakfast Shakes I really believe I have provided you with a long-term health solution. Whether you are at home or on the go, I’ve got you covered.

Choose from Creamy Vanilla, Iced Coffee or Wicked Chocolate. Head to my shop to find out more about these fabulous shakes, including a full nutritional breakdown. I have one every day and love mixing them with frozen fruit or half a banana. I never get bored, and look forward to my quick, easy breakfast every day.

You can also check the frequently asked questions page for our shakes in order to learn more.