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Cookbooks 1–7 updated and revised

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Symply Breakfast Shakes

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Have you struggled to lose weight? Are you feeling overwhelmed and don’t know where to start? If you’re like me and have been on one crazy diet after another with little if any good results, I’m here to help. I want you to know how to lose weight and keep it off forever.

I weighed 100 kilos when I decided to give up dieting and become a healthy person. I lost 35 kilos and have kept it off since 1993. I turned my greatest weakness ‘food’ into my greatest strength and so can you.

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Symply Too Good To Be True cookbooks 1-7
Let’s face it diet food is bland and boring and it’s not sustainable long-term. Get off the diet rollercoaster and come into my world of healthy living!
Symply Too Good To Be True breakfast shake on the go
One of the first things that often happens when life gets busy is our healthy eating plan goes out the window. Well I have a solution that can help.
Symply With You mentoring from Symply Too Good To Be True
I once weighed 100 kilos and was getting fatter with every fad diet I tried. When I received that swimsuit photo in the mail, I knew something had to change.
why diets fail

Did you know that most people who lose weight will put it all back on within five years? And many people who regularly diet report that they are heavier now than they were five years ago. They’re sad facts. Diets fail – but it is possible to get to your healthy weight range and stay

holiday food for kids

Depending on where you are, it’s school holiday time which means there’s constantly hungry mouths to feed So how do you have healthy holiday food for the kids and still have fun treats? I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that homemade is the best option. This way you know exactly what’s in the

Celebrate the wins – big or small! This month marks 25 years in my healthy weight range. I can’t imagine what my life would be like today if I had continued down that path of yo-yo dieting, eating huge amounts of unhealthy food and being a couch potato. I was hitting the scales at 100

El Dorado Salad book 7

Who said salad is boring? This delicious salad is sure to be a crowd-pleaser at your next gathering, enjoy on its own as a vegetarian meal or serve with lean, grilled meat.

Symple Brownies book 7

At last a guilt-free brownie that’s gluten free, low in fat and high on taste. Suitable to freeze in individual portions, if it lasts that long.

Ham and Cheese Omelette

A delicious omelette that is lower in saturated fat. Serve with 1 slice of low GI multigrain bread for a nutritious breakfast or light lunch/dinner.


Annette Sym's Tips
Visit Annette's library of motivational messages and healthy living tips.

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Take some time to get outdoors this weekend. A little fresh air and sunshine will do wonders for your state of mind, and the added movement give your metabolism a boost. Have a great weekend. Annette :-)

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Friday’s thought…What have you planned for the weekend? I’m doing a baking day on Saturday. I’ll be making Lasagne book 1, Creamy Tuna Pasta Bake Book 4, Beef Tortilla Stack Book 3, Ham and Corn Slice Book 7 and Chicken In a Hurry Book 1. It might seem like an effort at the time but it’s so great when you don’t have to cook and can just defrost a meal on those busy days. Cooking is love made visible. Annette :-) ... See MoreSee Less

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Thursdays with Annette is on a break, so I am replaying some of the popular shows. In this episode I am talking about my food related tips for managing the budget. Grab a notebook, pen and a cuppa and join me as I share my tips with you.

NB: The competition is closed.

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Thursdays with Annette - Budget Busting

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Thursday’s thought… If someone you care about has gone off track the best thing to do is not to get caught up in their ‘drama’. It's their story, their journey and letting them make mistakes is often the lesson they need to learn. It can be hard but sometimes you have to step back and send them love and kindness. Annette :-) ... See MoreSee Less

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Wednesday’s thought… Ask anyone and they’ll tell you that there’s always something they don’t like about themselves. Do you wish you were taller or shorter, had smaller hips or bigger eyes? We all live with insecurity, self doubt and, at times, lack confidence. We’re often the most critical of ourselves. Stop being so hard on yourself and learn to appreciate, accept and love all that you are just as you are. Annette :-) ... See MoreSee Less

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With over 700 recipes to choose from in my seven cookbooks there are loads of budget busting recipes to choose from. Here’s four of my favourites.
Clockwise from top left: Curry in a Hurry – Book 5 (buy BBQ chickens when marked down, debone and freeze), Macaroni Beef – Book 2, Penne Pasta in Creamy Bacon Sauce – Book 4 and Zucchini Slice – Book 1. Which one is your favourite?

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Tuesday’s thought… The best way to deal with a conflict is to look at what you want the outcome to be. I remember doing this with my daughters when they were teenagers. I may have wanted to yell and scream at them, but I would always go back to the question “what do I want the outcome to be”. It really helps you to separate your emotions and decide the best action to take. Try it😊 Annette ... See MoreSee Less

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Monday’s thought… A wise person once told me these words.
1. The past can’t be changed but you can change your future
2. What someone thinks of you is none of your business
3. We are all different so don’t try to be anyone but you
Annette :-)
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