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Symply Too Good To Be True weight loss success story Maree

Maree lost 25 kilos in 20 months

Annette’s mentoring program was exactly what I needed to get my weight under control. The weekly menus were easy to follow, and the delicious meals very easy to prepare. My husband ate all meals cooked from the plan and he was very happy when there were portions leftover for him to take for lunch the next day. The ongoing support of videos, tips, and one on one support direct to Annette if needed were amazing and such a great help. I lost a total of 25 kilos in 17 months. It’s been 12 months since I reached goal weight and I am still healthy and following the daily menus.

Maree Troy – Shepparton. VIC        

Symply Too Good To Be True weight loss success story Rachel

Symply Too Good shakes changed Rachel's life

The Symply Too Good Dairy Free Shakes have changed my life! They have helped me to start my day right and keep me feeling full till lunchtime. They are the only dairy free shakes I have ever tried that taste amazing!!! They have helped support me in my weight loss journey of losing 50kgs and help me to easily maintain and keep the weight off. Finally a healthy shake that’s dairy free, tastes great and keeps cravings away. Cannot recommend these shakes enough!!! They really are Symply Too Good To be True!!!

Rachel Hope – Buderim. QLD 


Symply Too Good To Be True weight loss success story Julia

Julia lost her baby weight after each pregnancy

I began my Annette Sym journey after the birth of my first child, Adelle. I had gained 20 kilos of extra weight and was horrified by how I felt. Everything was a huge effort and I knew I had to get back to ‘me’ as soon as I could. I looked for solutions and tried a few diets that left me discouraged and really feeling as if I would never lose the weight. Then my mother-in-law gave me book 5 of Symply Too Good To Be True and I threw myself in straight away with awesome results! I lost 1.5 kg or more each week using the meal plans and doing PT at the gym. I was back to feeling fit, healthy and so much happier. We have had two more children since then and my body gained the same amount of weight each time – each time I just felt so happy that I knew exactly what to do to get back to ‘me’. This kind of confidence is priceless! I have lost almost 60 kilos in total over the last six years using Annette’s method and I strongly encourage anyone I meet who is struggling with their weight or just wants to feel healthier to try it. The books have great variety, the meals have awesome flavour, the recipes are fail safe, and budget friendly! Our whole family have benefited from the knowledge I have gained on nutrition and correct portion size. Thank you Annette Sym! You are an inspiration- thank you for giving me the gift of confidence!

Julia Clancy – Palmerston. ACT

Symply Too Good To Be True weight loss success story Lorraine

Lorraine lost 12 kilos in 19 months

I was 80.8kg when I decided to join your mentoring program. With the help of your cookbooks and menus I am now 68.8kg (12kg loss in 19 months). I have my days where unexpected circumstances arise and I go off track, but straight back on track the next day. I am happy, confident and my clothes hang from me, which I am so excited about. I still have a few kilos to lose but I am not pushing myself because then it becomes a chore, and I want this weight loss to be permanent. It is a slow process but a process which is working for me and is going to get me to my target weight soon.

Lorraine Mills – Whyalla Norrie. SA

Symply Too Good To Be True weight loss success story Ingrid

Ingrid now weighs 58 kilos

Annette has been a fantastic mentor to me throughout my weight loss challenge. Her positive encouragement and inspiration, combined with her great cookbooks and healthy recipes have enabled me to go from 84 kilos to 58 kilos, a total of 26 kilos. Thank you.

Ingrid Krantis – Black Forest. SA

Symply Too Good To Be True weight loss success story Janet

Janet lost 30kg in 18 months

I have been using the Symply Too Good books for many years. I lost 30kg over a period of 18 months prior to surgery and have kept it off with the help of the books and my friends from South Australian Weight Watchers (many also follow Annette’s program). When I find myself lapsing into my previous bad habits, I only need to re-read the recipes to be inspired again.

Janet Hobbs – Croydon. SA

Symply Too Good To Be True weight loss success story Ellen

Ellen learnt to eat in a healthy way and lost 19 kilos in 13 months

For many years I would eat the healthy food but also included the extra helpings, plus sweets, chips and chocolate while watching TV. If I needed to lose a kilo or two for an outing etc. I would go without breakfast or lunch, walk or exercise for an hour daily for a week or two. I just did not understand the concept of healthy eating. I finally decided to join Annette’s mentoring program and I have over time ‘eaten’ my way to a healthy weight, all the time eating the most delicious food and at no time have I been on a ‘diet’. I learnt to eat in a healthy way and lost 19 kilos in 13 months. As a family we now eat entirely from Annette’s recipes. Apart from my health improving, I now love shopping for clothes in the smaller sizes, I can rush about all day without feeling exhausted and we don’t need or look for takeaways anymore as the meals are so quick, fresh, easy and absolutely delicious. So very grateful to you Annette also Bill and Dianne.

Ellen Haywood – Woodville West. SA

Symply Too Good To Be True weight loss success story Sarah

Sarah lost 10 kilos after her second child

Just wanted to say thank you! My sister got me into your cookbooks after I had my second child. I have been using them for 3 months and I have lost 10 kilos! I feel fabulous and ready to run around after my two gorgeous girls! Our whole family loves the recipes, I love making the slices and cakes to take to playgroup too! Thank you for designing such wonderful recipes and making it easy for us busy mums to feel fit and fabulous!! Thank you!!

Sarah Kate Atkinson – Cooma. NSW

Carmel lost 18kg with Symply Too Good

Carmel lost 18 kilos

Attending Annette’s 3 Day Workshop Retreat in 2012 turned my life around. I had been trying to lose weight since 2007 and my weight was always up and down. I had never stuck with anything until I met Annette and for some reason the things she said at the retreat just made sense. I managed to lose 18 kilos and reach my goal weight of 58kg.

I can’t stop telling people about the wonderful things Annette has helped me achieve.

Francis lost 64kg with Symply Too Good

Francis lost 64 kilos

The day I realised I weighed a very unhealthy 158kg was a real low point for me. I was so embarrassed, I felt disgusted & ashamed of myself.

It took me eight months but thanks to the Symply Too Good To Be True cookbooks and sheer determination, I achieved my goal weight shedding 64kg in total and now weigh 94kg. Pictured here with Annette Oct 2013 at 106kg.

Melissa lost 55kg with Symply Too Good

Melissa lost 55 kilos

I was in grade 12 and the graduation formal was looming. While other girls were getting excited about their dresses, I was embarrassed and scared not knowing if I would even find a dress to fit me. I was 110 kilos when I decided enough was enough. Mum had Annette’s books so I started with the 28 day menu plan in book 5 and began exercising. Over the next 3 years I continued to change my lifestyle and lost 55 kilos

Lyn lost 60kg with Symply Too Good

Lyn lost 60 kilos

I lost 60 kilos in 12 months using Annette’s cookbooks and exercising. The food all tastes delicious, very easy to make and the ingredients I buy I use over and over again in all of the recipes. But the BEST thing is my kids love the meals as much as my husband and I do. My husband said he had never eaten so well. Thank you so much for the most used books in my house. My ‘after’ pic shows me completing my first half marathon

Colleen lost 39kg with Symply Too Good

Colleen lost 39 kilos

The turning point was the family photo you see above – I looked at it and literally said “have a look at me, that is disgusting!” After having 4 babies in 4 years I hit the scales at 108kg! With help from Annette’s fantastic recipes, exercise and changing my eating habits I was able to lose 39 kilos and maintain it. I now weigh 69kg. From a size 18 to a size 10 in 2 years, cholesterol down from 8.9 to 4.1 and a more confident, happier and healthier person.

Michael lost 39kg with Symply Too Good

Michael lost 39 kilos

Crunch time came at my son’s 21st birthday in January 2013. I felt fat, my clothes were tight and I noticed people looking at my stomach.

The next day I decided enough was enough. I stood on the scales for the first time in years, I weighed 123 kilos. It was time to change! I lost 39 kilos in twelve months and now weigh 84 kilos. I couldn’t have done it without Annette’s cookbooks.

I feel fit and fabulous, because “I am a healthy person”

I wanted to lose 5 kilos, my clothes were getting tighter, and I generally wanted to feel better and gain my confidence again. A friend had mentioned her weight loss through Annette’s program, and I decided to join. I love to be organised and was pleasantly surprised with the weekly menu plans which have established a very good habit for weekly cooking and shopping.

I lost 7 kilos and continue to be my ideal weight. I have my confidence back, it’s lovely to have my hubby, family and friends compliment me, it definitely has made all my hard work, discipline and effort worthwhile.

I feel fit and fabulous, because “I am a healthy person” and have new clothes in my wardrobe.  My hubby has also lost weight and feels fantastic. I highly recommend this program, it takes determination but it’s so worth it! Give it a try for yourself you’ll be so glad you did, and your body will thank you for it!

Lisa Lindner – Caloundra, Qld.

We’ve kept the weight off for 10 years with your recipes

All your recipes are amazing. I lost 18 kg and my husband lost 10kg and we have kept it off for 10 years just by following a lot of your recipes.

Diane Haworth – Leopold. Vic

Lost 10 kilos in 3 months and avoided diabetes medication

On 3rd August I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes with Haemoglobin A1c of 7.6. I decided then and there to change my lifestyle.

I am 75 years old and through cutting out sugar, exercising more, less salt and buying your shakes, your Cooking for Two books and buying all the right items for the recipes I have managed to lose 10 kg.

Today I had more blood tests and a visit to the GP to find out my results and my HbA1c has gone from 7.6 to 5.8 in three months, my cholesterol is now back in the normal level, my blood pressure is much lower and I don’t have to go on any diabetes medication.

I am so thrilled with today’s results. I feel like a new person and hope to lose another 5 kg before I see the GP again. The comments from friends and family have been very heartening. Thank you for your newsletters and your books.

Christine Crabb – Adelaide. SA

Double digits for the first time in 25 years

Since joining Annette’s mentoring program, I have lost 20kg and am in double figures for the first time in 25 years. I look forward to going walking and have so much more energy. I don’t feel like I am missing out as there’s so much variety across the menus and even have the occasional chocolate. The recipes are easy and if there is something I don’t like I simply swap for another day. If I can do it so can you!!

Kaylene Turnbull – Mission Beach. QLD

We lost the weight and kept it off

We have been cooking Annette’s healthy recipes since the very beginning. We were approaching our 40’s at the time and both got office jobs and our 5 kilo weight gain was an unwelcome surprise! Once we started cooking from Annette’s first cookbook we both lost the weight we’d put on in about 6 months and have been cooking from all of her books ever since. My hubby Geoff has had a kidney transplant so the nutritional information on each recipe is absolutely invaluable to us. We have maintained our ideal weight for many, many years now, your books are our ‘bibles’.

Tracey Hicks – Buttaba. NSW

Erin feels like superwoman

I am SUPER impressed with the Dairy Free shakes. I’ve tried quite a few shakes over the years and either they tasted awful or didn’t really fill me up. These taste great, fill me up AND I feel like superwoman once I’ve had them – so much energy!

Erin VK – Maroochydore. QLD

Susanne cooked the winning recipe

Thank you yet again for your amazing recipes. I made your Wicked Chocolate Cake (Book 2) and won first place in the chocolate cake category at my local show this weekend. Just goes to show that low fat still has lots of flavour and is a winner.

Susanne Prescott – Endeavour Hills. VIC

Susan lost 10 kilos eating tasty affordable meals

I am a widowed, senior with some mobility problems and diabetes. My diabetes educator gave me a list of cookbooks to help me and so I selected your book Cooking for 1 or 2. It became my bible. Such tasty affordable meals using mostly ingredients I usually have in pantry. Best of all I have lost over 10 kilos even in lockdown and feel healthier than in years.

Susan Knowles – Avondale. NSW

Dianne dropped 2 dress sizes at age 61

Using your recipes I have dropped two dress sizes in just five months and my cholesterol and blood glucose levels have both dropped as well. It just shows you’re never too old to make changes – age 61.

Dianne Jones – Bacchus Marsh. VIC

Jo lost 50 kilos and went off medication

The day I hit the scales at 123 kilos was when I decided enough was enough., I had heard about the Symply Too Good recipe books so I bought the first couple – and was hooked. The recipes were easy to cook, didn’t use fancy ingredients and tasted wonderful. And most importantly, I could eat with confidence knowing it was healthy. I could stay on track, without sacrificing taste – which meant it could work long term.

As the weight came off, I started to realise just how much that extra weight was affecting me. Physical issues, such as my cholesterol levels (which I was on medication for) lowered to a normal level and my reflux issues (which I was also on medication for) completely disappeared. I gained more energy, and a general enjoyment of life.

With the help of the Symply Too Good books, I have lost 50 kilos and have hit my goal weight. I have a much healthier relationship with food and don’t see it as an ‘enemy’ anymore. I know I couldn’t have done this without the seven Symply Too Good cookbooks. I’ve not only lost the weight I never thought I could, but I have developed a much healthier relationship, both with food and with my body/health itself.

Jo Griffiths – Ngunnawal. ACT