Family love the recipes and I’ve lost weight!

My husband and I (and the kids) have been using your cook books for 2 weeks. I have already lost 4kg. Your recipes are so simple that I cook 2 meals at a time, then every second night dinner just needs to be reheated and there are hardly any dishes. I can’t thank you enough!

Mel via email

Loving my Breakfast Shakes

I am loving my STGTBT Breakfast Shakes.  One of my biggest difficulties with weight loss is breakfast; I either skip it completely or overeat.  Annette’s Breakfast Shakes make breakfast simple.  I know I am getting good quality nutrition and the correct portion size. For breakfast I use the Creamy Vanilla flavour, add some fruit, whizz it up and it’s a yummy, filling smoothie.  I also love the Wicked Chocolate flavour, it is great for a mid afternoon chocolatey snack without all the calories.

Michelle, Geelong Victoria

Natalie lost 40 kilos and kept it off

I weighed 108.6kg and didn’t realise how bad I looked until I saw a photo, I was so depressed. Then my sister sent me the full set of Annette’s cookbooks. It took me 12 months but I lost the weight and have kept it off for 12 months. I now weigh 69 kilos, fit in to a size 10 dress and feel fantastic.

Natalie, Wagga Wagga NSW

Pam lost 15 kilos without dieting

One thing about following your advice and recipes – I don’t have hunger pangs and I am actually eating more food but better food. I have lost 15 kilos since January. My young granddaughters asked if I was on a diet, and I said no, just eating better. They love the food too. Especially Tuna Bake, Taco Stack and Chicken a la Queen.

Pam, Facebook

I’ve lost 20 kilos and my family love the recipes

Hi Annette, I’m pleased to report I have lost 20 kilos using your books. My family love the recipes too so it has made it easier for me to stick with the program. Many thanks.

Ruth, Facebook

Sandra lost 7 kilos

I have been following your 12 Week Mentoring Program for 7 weeks. Would you believe I’ve already lost 7 kilos. It’s amazing, I feel so strong and positive; a huge thank you for that Annette.

Sandra, via email

Tamara lost 4 kilos following the Breakfast Shake menu plan

Breakfast was always tough of a morning with the usual chaos of a busy household which meant it was usually skipped, that was until I discovered your breakfast shakes. They are so quick and easy but best of all portable which means I can do the school run and have breakfast on the way! They keep me satisfied well into the morning and taste delicious and in my opinion the best on the market (and believe me I’ve tried many different shakes). Using your shakes in conjunction with the menu plan I’m ecstatic to report I have removed 4kg from my body in the past 4 weeks!!! Thank you for developing such a convenient product to aid in my weight loss journey in 2016.

Tamara, Huonville Tasmania

4 kilos gone in 28 days

Day 28 of the challenge and have lost 4.2kg. Only 4 kg to go but it is so worth it I am feeling better already. Looking forward to being more active with my grandchildren.

Tracy, Facebook

Book 6 Masterclass a winner

I’m doing your Masterclass (book 6). I’m up to day 22 & I’m Proud to say I have already shredded 4.2 kilos  & feeling awesome thank you soooo deeply for designing this awesome program!

Trish, Facebook

Wicked Chocolate Cake wins again!

Hi Annette, Just want to say thank you for your recipes, particularly the microwave Wicked Chocolate Cake from book 2 which is my favourite recipe to make. I thought you might also like to know I made one for the local AP&H Show and it won first prize in the chocolate cake class!

Wendy, Goulbourn NSW