Give Christmas gifts for good health

christmas gifts for good health

Gift suggestions for the whole family

This year we’ve had more reason than ever to think about our health. So, as you shop for those you love, I encourage you to choose Christmas gifts for good health.

And as you know I am all about being a healthy person, so I want to offer you some quick and easy solutions to your Christmas shopping.

After such a crazy year many are still avoiding the shops and so, how do you shop for Christmas? Well the safest way to shop is online. Shopping from home is a quick, easy way to get your Christmas gifts sorted but the word is, don’t leave it too late as postage is already slow.

I love the simplicity of having my purchases delivered straight to my door – and if you’re thinking that healthy presents are the way to go this year then remember I offer free delivery on orders over $100 to anywhere in Australia.

So, today I am sharing Christmas gifts for good health:

A true-blue fan of Symply Too Good To Be True – get signed cookbooks!

If they don’t have the updated version of my cookbooks, look no further as this is the perfect gift for them. AND until the 31st December I will be signing all cookbooks ordered from my website.

The budding chef or anyone who loves to cook

Grab them any one of my 8 cookbooks, include an apron and a set of my adjustable measure spoons for extra brownie points. This means they’re set for success in the kitchen 😊

Singles, couples, grey nomads, downsizers, or uni students

Cooking can seem like a chore when cooking for one or two people, but it doesn’t have to be that way. My Cooking for 1 or 2 people cookbook is perfect for anyone who needs recipes that have smaller serves and they’re super quick and easy to make. And grey nomads love this cookbook because it doesn’t take up much room in the caravan, and they can make healthy delicious meals while traveling.

For someone special

Good quality non-stick cookware is a must in any healthy kitchen.

My daughters all love to cook and so it was no surprise when I asked what they want for Christmas and they all had my Neoflam range in their sights. One wants the Wok, one wants the knife set and the other wants the set of fry pans. Christmas shopping done and I didn’t have to leave the house!

And don’t forget, if you purchase any of the Neoflam cookware you can purchase matching lids for half price – use this code at checkout lid50off

Stocking fillers

Forget buying junk to fill their stockings – the Healthy Snack Bible is perfect for any member of the family. My set of adjustable measure spoons, 8-week weight loss journal or the single shake sachets are a great little extra to include with gifts.

And don’t forget to look after you

My Premium Breakfast Shakes are a great way to stay on track over the holidays. It’s not Christmas Day that’s the problem, most of the damage is done in the lead up to and days following Christmas. There are 4 shake flavours to choose from so you’ll never get bored.

My latest addition is the Dairy Free Vanilla Breakfast Shake – it’s not only dairy free, but gluten free, nut free, soy free and contains no artificial sweeteners.

The original 3 flavours are Creamy Vanilla, Wicked Chocolate, and Iced Coffee, these are gluten free, nut free and contain no artificial sweeteners.

And the good news is, they are all available to purchase as single sachets to try before committing to the 14 serve boxes.

Don’t forget they each have a 5-star rating from the Australian Government health star rating system, so you know that you’re getting a quality product, and they taste amazing too!!!

And they’re not just for breakfast – enjoy them as a snack anytime or add fruit for a quick, easy meal replacement.

My final word for a healthy Christmas

Regardless of where you shop for those you love, please remember to give the gift of good health this Christmas.

I’ll leave you with these final thoughts:

  • Avoid giving food or chocolates, especially to anyone who is watching their weight
  • Respect anyone who says “no thank you” to an extra serving of food or alcohol
  • Most of all, love yourself enough to say “no” to tempting food that doesn’t support the healthy you

Wishing you a happy, healthy Christmas 😊

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