3 simple steps for sustainable weight loss

sustainable weight loss made easy

The reason people find it hard to lose weight and keep it off, is often because the methods they use are not sustainable long-term.

When I weighed 100 kilos I desperately wanted to lose weight, and I was sick of losing the same 5 kilos over and over again. Can you relate? I didn’t just want to lose weight… I wanted to lose the weight and keep it off.  So, let’s talk about sustainable weight loss. And the good news is, it’s much easier than you think.


But first let’s take a look at some of the reasons weight loss can be confusing.

  • If I could just do this one thing… Sometimes we over-simplify it. We might say things like, “if only I stopped eating donuts”, or “if only I had time to exercise – THEN I could lose the weight”. The reality is, it’s never just one thing that’s standing in the way of you and your ideal weight.
  • But it’s healthy… Just because a certain food is healthy doesn’t mean it’s suitable for someone on a weight loss plan – orange juice is a classic example here. And even healthy food needs to be eaten in moderation.
  • What about ready-made meals? Many of these are nutritionally sound and help you shed the kilos while you’re paying out the hefty dollars to buy the meals. But as soon as you stop the weekly orders you realise you have no idea what to do to maintain that healthy weight long term.

When I was trying to lose weight all those years ago, I thought diets were the answer. But the sad truth is, by the time I finally decided to stop dieting, I was hitting the scales at 100 kilos and getting fatter with every fad diet I tried – and I’d tried a lot!


So, let’s look at 3 simple steps for sustainable weight loss.

1. Set realistic goals

I’ve lost count of the number of magazines I’ve seen over the years that promise BIG loses over short periods of time – “lose 5 kilos in a week.” Even if it was possible, as soon as you return to a normal eating routine, all the weight you lost will quickly pile back on. The key is to be patient. Losing weight can seem to take much longer than it took to put it on, so it’s important to be realistic about how long it will take to lose the weight.

A weight loss of half to one kilo per week is realistic and sustainable long term. It took me 20 months to lose 35 kilos. I didn’t always lose weight each week, but I stuck with it and eventually reached my goal weight and so can you 😊

2. Eat a calorie and fat-controlled diet

When I create my menu plans, I work on 3 different menu levels:

1250 – 1300 calories – 30g total fat

1500 – 1551 calories – 40g total fat

1750 – 1800 calories – 40g total fat

Several factors are taken into consideration to determine which level is right for you. These include your gender, age, weight, height, and activity level. If you like the idea of following a menu plan, then you’ll find menu plans in book 5 & book 6, plus each of my Breakfast Shake flavours come with a 14 day menu plan. Or consider joining my mentoring program where you get a menu plan each week along with all of the other fabulous support you receive.

3. Make healthy choices

Rather than starving yourself or eating food that’s not sustainable long-term, eat healthy food that you’ll continue to enjoy long after the weight has come off. This is all about creating a healthy lifestyle that includes healthy food, regular exercise and 2 litres of water each day.


A final word

Don’t try to change everything at once. It’s best to make changes gradually so it’s easier to keep up the new habit.

If you need more help with your weight loss, why not let me help you with my Symply With You mentoring program. After the initial joining fee of $99, it’s just $19.95 per month to stay a member until you’re able to get the weight off. Find out more HERE.

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