Symply Too Good Cookbook 5


Contains 84 pages and over 150 deliciously healthy easy-to-make family-friendly recipes and a 28 day weight loss menu plan.

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Symply Too Good To Be True Book 5 contains 84 pages and over 150 deliciously healthy easy-to-make family-friendly recipes.

There’s some exciting extra features inside this cookbook:

  • 28 day weight loss menu plan complete with 4 calorie levels
  • 22 tasty, fresh and healthy sandwich fillings
  • Annette’s problem and solution weight loss guide

“This book was the first to contain a 28 day menu plan. There’s no one-size-fits-all weight loss solution, which is why the menu plan contains four calorie levels. There’s also a simple check list to help you calculate your ideal level.

I’ve also included more guilt-free recipes. My Creamy Chicken and Vegetable Soup was a favourite with my girls when they were growing up and be sure to try my Mango Passionfruit Cheesecake, it’s ‘symply’ delicious and only 5.2g of fat per serve.”

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Symply Too Good To Be True Book 5


“8.4 kilos down in 8 weeks. Feeling amazing Dr has cut 1 of my diabetes meds and my reflux meds. Eating so healthy and fitting into clothes that were way too small before. It’s never too late to get healthy, I am 60.” Ellen via Facebook.


  • Recipes for: Starters and light meals, Vegetables and Salads, Seafood, Chicken, Meat, Desserts and Baking
  • ‘Symple’ and easy recipes for all levels of cooks
  • Mouth-watering recipes that taste just like traditional versions; most are a tenth of the fat
  • Tempting photo of each recipe
  • Ingredients readily available in supermarkets
  • Full nutritional panel to help you track things like calories, fats, carbohydrates and sodium
  • Difficulty rating to make choosing recipes simple
  • Easy step-by-step methods
  • Freezing guide in case you want to make meals ahead and freeze
  • Dietitian’s Tip from Lisa Cochrane

Annette Sym is Australia’s No. 1 low fat cookbook author and Australia’s favourite weight loss mentor, having self-published and sold over 4 million cookbooks.

She once weighed 100 kilos and was getting fatter with every fad diet she tried. A decision to give up dieting and become a healthy person helped her lose 35 kilos and she has been in her healthy weight range since 1993.

Since winning the battle of the bulge, Annette has helped thousands of people to obtain a healthier and happier quality of life. Statistics say that 65% of Australians are overweight or obese, Annette is hopeful that her cookbooks will be a powerful tool to help reduce these statistics.

Symply Too Good To Be True cookbooks are recommended for weightloss, good health, diabetes, cholesterol and heart health.

This cookbook was first published 2006; includes the same great recipes with a fresh new look. Read more about what’s changed in this blog.