Dealing with demotivation

dealing with demotivation

One of the things I frequently hear is that it’s so hard to stay motivated. Perhaps the real issue is demotivation.

If left unchecked demotivation will sabotage your healthy living plan. Let’s identify some of the causes and find a solution.

5 things that cause demotivation

Lack of purpose – Find your why. If you have no real ‘why’ for your weight loss goal it will be hard to stay on track. Your ‘why’ needs to be the thing that gets you out of bed focused on your goal each day. Hint: being on a weight loss program because your doctor, friend or family member said you need to lose weight will not keep you motivated.

You have no clear goal or plan – Are you sailing along but not sure what the end goal is? Then, how will you know when you get there? Set a SMART goal, then write down the actions you will need to take so you get to your goal weight.

Your goal is too challenging – If it’s too hard, you will give up. When setting weight loss goals, the tendency is to be over ambitious with what’s possible. Half to one kilo a week is considered a good, healthy weight loss to aim for. Have you set your goal too high? If so, change the amount of time required to achieve your goal (don’t change the goal). If you’re not sure whether your end goal is a little ambitious, check with your doctor to find out your healthy weight.

You’re not seeing results – Something needs to change. Check your portion sizes and consider keeping a food diary for a week or so to identify any problem foods. Switch to low fat dairy, choose lean meat and include lots of veggies in your day. Check what’s going in your grocery trolley each week – if it doesn’t come into the house you can’t eat it. Also, assess your exercise type and duration and consider if changes are needed here.

You don’t really want to lose weight – Your ‘want to stay the same’ is stronger than the ‘need to change’.  I can hear it now, “that’s crazy Annette, of course I want to lose weight.” But do you really? Is there some payoff for being overweight? Is there some payoff for certain foods that are holding you back? At one of my retreats there was a lady who loved butter! She put lashings of the stuff on fresh bread and, try as she may to give up, it remained a weakness. Through our discussion, she realised she had fond memories of eating bread and butter with her mum who had passed; it was a connection to her mum. Needless to say, we found other connections to her mum and she managed to quit her unhealthy habit. Do you have an emotional link to food that is holding you back?

And finally…

There’s a saying I love – If it is to be, it’s up to me!

No one else is going to do this for you. It’s up to you to do what it takes to get your weight on track and into your healthy weight range.  Don’t let demotivation hold you back, you can do it – just believe in yourself, take action and never give up.

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