Snacking habits

healthy snacking habits. Sweet and savoury snack ideas

To snack or not to snack? My tips for healthy snacking

So many people tell me that the biggest obstacle to losing weight is their snacking habit!

You can eat as many healthy meals as you like but if you don’t watch what you eat in between meals it could be your downfall. Those couple of biscuits, that small chocolate bar or a little packet of chips could be creating those extra bulges or rolls around your waist.

Let’s take a look at your snacking habits

Do you…

  • Snack out of habit, boredom, loneliness or are you feeding an emotion?
  • Eat like a rabbit during the day and then become ravenous in the evening and binge on high fat snacks?
  • Skip meals and just grab a snack to tie you over to the next meal?

Snacking itself is not a problem, if anything it can help maintain even insulin levels, but you need to be aware that all those bits and pieces can really add up.

The solution? Plan your snacks into your day and make time to shop for the right type of snacks so you can embrace snacking as part of your weight loss journey, instead of hindering it. Have healthy choices in the fridge or cupboard to avoid eating things that don’t support your weight loss journey.

Here are 5 tips for healthy snacking habits:

  1. Do a fridge and pantry audit – Foods like biscuits, cakes, doughnuts, pastries, ice-cream, chocolate and chips have very little nutritional value and are high in fat and kilojoules. If you can’t say no to them, don’t have them in the house.
  2. Beware the sugar craving – Sugar cravings can be a sign that your body needs protein. Instead of grabbing chocolate, try a slice of low fat cheese on a rice cracker or Ryvita, add some slices of tomato or Vegemite for variety.
  3. Eat breakfastHaving a healthy breakfast each morning helps prevent morning munchies. Breakfast will also kick-start your metabolism for the day and get you into fat burning mode! That’s a definite win.
  4. Stay hydrated – People often mistake ‘thirst’ for hunger. If you are tempted to reach for a snack, try grabbing a glass of water first. If you are still hungry in ten minutes, choose a healthy snack option.
  5. Measure your portions – Never snack straight from the bag! It’s okay to have potato chips for an occasional snack, just measure out a portion and don’t go back for seconds. you’ll find more about portion sizes in the Healthy Snack Bible.

Not sure what you should snack on?

Something sweet

  • Raisin toast with a light scrapping of Flora Light margarine
  • High fibre cereal with skim milk
  • Diet yoghurt, low fat custards and diet jellies
  • Fresh fruit is the best snack. Eat it as is or try stewing your fruit in winter for a warm snack.
  • Any of my baking recipes or try my Fruit Balls from book 7
  • My Breakfast Shakes make a great midafternoon snack and will keep you feeling satisfied until dinner time.

Something savoury

  • Pretzels, rice crackers, roasted chick peas, almonds, low fat popcorn,
  • Celery and carrots sticks with 20g of peanut butter or a serve of skinny hummus
  • Check out the Party Foods section in book 4 for more healthy snack ideas
  • Veggie soup is perfect in the cooler months

Sweet and savoury snack recipes

And for those who need gluten-free options, be sure to check out the 13 delicious recipes in the Sweet Gluten Free Baking section in book 7.

My Premium Breakfast Shakes also make a great snack and can be enjoyed hot or cold. Find out more about my shakes here.

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