Healthy breakfast options

Healthy breakfast

Kick-start your metabolism and get your body into fat-burning mode by starting the day right.

I know it’s a bit cliche but breakfast really is the most important meal of the day as it sets the tone for the day – having a healthy breakfast makes it so much easier to stay on track for the entire day. So I thought I’d give you some breakfast inspiration.

Here are 6 simple ideas and tips for a healthy breakfast:

  1. Choose wholemeal or multigrain bread. Both are higher in fibre than white bread which will help to keep you feeling full, multigrain bread also has a lower Glycaemic Index. Always use reduced-fat margarine to spread on toast.
  2. Avoid croissants and pastries. These are too high in fat to be included in a healthy breakfast.
  3. Have high-fibre cereals. For a quick easy breakfast, you can’t beat a bowl of cereal. The healthiest choices are high in fibre and low in sugar; check the nutritional panel. Serve with skim milk or low fat yoghurt and fresh fruit.
  4. Breakfast on the go. My Premium Breakfast Shakes will get you through the busiest morning without reaching for a high-fat, high-sugar mid-morning fix. With 15g of protein and 7g of fibre, they will keep you feeling fuller for longer and they taste great too. Find out more about my Breakfast Shakes here.
  5. Some other simple ideas. Occasional options include French toast, crumpets, muffins, fruit platters or pancakes, all simple to make and great for breakfast. Never miss having breakfast even if it is a banana in the car on the way to work.
  6. Cooked breakfast. Either poach or use cooking spray to fry eggs. Dry fry lean short cut bacon, and add sliced mushrooms, baby spinach and tomato to the pan for a delicious one-pan breakfast.

Whether it’s breakfast in bed for a special occasion or your daily grind, there’s something for everyone in my 9 cookbooks, available in my online shop. Many of the recipes below are suitable to be frozen so can be made ahead to save time in the mornings.


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Recipe suggestions:

Light Crepes – book 1 

Blueberry Banana Muffins – book 2 & Cooking for 1 or 2 people

Ham and Cheese Omelette – book 3

French Toast – book 3

Mini Quiches – book 4

Mediterranean Omelette – MORE Cooking for 1 or 2 people

Savoury Pikelets – book 6

Bacon and Egg Baskets – book 7

Plus here’s a FREE RECIPE for my Blueberry Flapjacks recipe from book 3 for you to try, great for a special treat on weekends.

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