Start making yourself a priority

Most women run households, raise kids and hold down a job. I’m sure if you look up the definition of Mum in the dictionary it would read – female whose roles include counsellor, chef, taxi driver, entertainment manager, nurse and teacher.

What I’ve noticed is that many mums tend to look after everyone but themselves. That’s very noble, however if their health starts to suffer the whole family unit will suffer as a result. Sound familiar? The solution is to start making yourself a priority and by doing so everyone will benefit.

A healthy mum will have more energy, feel more motivated to cook healthy meals and be able to spend time doing things with the family. So here are some tips for all the busy mums out there and anyone else who never has a spare moment in their day.

5 ways to start making yourself a priority

1. Take responsibility for your health. Your body is like a machine and needs to be maintained properly – mind, body and spirit. While you’re busy taking care of everyone else’s needs who is looking after you? The truth is, it’s up to you.

2. Eat healthy food. Eating poorly will make you feel sluggish, tired and leave you with no energy. Eating the right way will give you vitality and a feeling of wellness. Getting interested in healthy cooking and being smart about what you put in your mouth is a good start. Ask yourself next time you eat – will this food nurture or hinder my energy levels.

3. Include some exercise in your week. I know this may sound strange when you’re already feeling like you have far too much on your plate. However, exercise will give you more energy, get oxygen into your bloodstream and is also a good stress reliever. Start off easy with a few ten-minute walks each week and gradually build up from there. When you’re fit and healthy life seems so much easier and you also set a good example for your children.

4. Put yourself first. That’s right, I said put yourself first, number one. Because if you aren’t looking after yourself properly how can you look after others. This doesn’t mean you’re selfish but more that you are being smart as you’re better able to manage the needs of your family if you are in touch with your own needs. Ask yourself if you often feel resentment? It could be because you are giving to everyone but yourself.

5. My final tip – Learn the word ‘NO’ and use it often. Women are meant to be the nurturers, but this doesn’t mean we are slaves. Learn to delegate and make everyone, no matter what age, responsible for jobs around the house. Say NO to requests from others if it means you are not putting yourself first.

What will you do now to start making yourself a priority?

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