Portion size tips

Healthy plate

These portion size tips and charts will give you a good range of guidelines for portion sizes for weightloss.

The best guideline to follow for your lunch or dinner plate is half a plate of vegetables/salad, one quarter of protein and one quarter carbs.

  1. Meat and chicken. The size of raw meat portions should be 120g for women and 150g for men. For a piece of beef steak cut the fat off the side and it will drop the fat count down by half.
  2. Cooked rice should be between ½ to ¾ cup for women; 1 cup for men
  3. Cooked spaghetti should be 1 cup for women and 1½ cups for men.
  4. Vegetables are unlimited; but this does not include potato, sweet potato or corn as these are high in carbohydrates. Avocado is the other exception and a 30g serve is recommended. It is recommended you have five serves of vegetables a day; a serve equals half a cup.
  5. Fruit is so good for you but how much are you having? To lose weight women should have 2–3 pieces and for men 3–4 pieces a day. For maintaining weight 4–5 pieces a day maximum. The size per serve is 150g (includes skin and seeds) so if your apple weighs 225g then it is one and half fruit serves.

portion plate

Weightloss portion chart – serving size for adults

Portion chart

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