Catherine achieved her goal weight at 78

I had spent years trying to lose weight. I’d lose a few kilos here and there but never managed to keep it off. That was until I found the Annette Sym way of cooking and joined her mentoring program. I lost 13 kilos in 8 months and won Slimmer of the Year with my local weight loss group. At the age of 78, after lots of failed diets, I finally achieved my goal weight. It just goes to show you are never too old to learn something new. I can’t thank you enough Annette for all your yummy recipes, videos and words of wisdom.

Catherine Jackman – Clarkson. WA

You inspired my son to cook healthy meals

Hi Annette. You visited my son’s school today at Moreton Bay Boys College and he was so impressed with your hamburgers and gluten free Symple Brownies. For a boy who will never try anything that is healthy I must thank you. He wants me to get the book and even wants to make the hamburgers himself. Could you please let me know which edition of your books has these lovely recipes. Much appreciated.

Jodie via email

Menu plans helped me shed 12 kilos

I have used book 5 with excellent results I have lost 12 kgs with another 5 to go and have found these to be a great guide, the menu plan can even be interchanged with other recipes from this great set of recipe books….as long as you stick with the calories for that day you will have success.

Joy, Facebook

Results in 3 weeks

2 kg down & 11 cm lost since starting using your cookbooks 3 weeks ago!!!

Kay, Facebook

Mum and I lost weight eating your recipes

I just wanted to Thank you for the fantastic books that you have created. My mother and I have used them to lose a combined weight of 22kg in 11 weeks. Your recipes have made this easy. You are an inspiration and I hope that you continue to create these great recipes.

Justine via email

2 weeks in and 4 kilos lost!

For the last 2 weeks I have been cooking out of book 5 and following the 28 day menu plan.  I am pleased to tell you I have lost 4 kg, so very thrilled and so very happy, feel so much better and hubby liking it also.

Kaye, Facebook

Wake up call at 50

Turning 50 made me evaluate everything. I had to work out what was making me unhappy and it was my weight. I worked on my mindset first and once I got that somewhat in the right place I was ready to start losing my weight. I lost 9.5kg in 6 months and feel lighter, healthier, fitter and stronger.

Keren, Facebook

10 kilos shed in 12 weeks

It’s been 12 weeks since I attended Annette’s 2014 3 Day Retreat in Caloundra and I am happy to report I have shed 10.4 kilos. I love knowing I have the support from the lovely people in our closed Facebook group on the days when I need encouragement. Thank you Annette for changing my life and for all the support you continue to give us.

Lisa, 2014 Retreat participant

Vegetarian variations a winner for weight loss

My husband and I have each lost 7.5 kilos in 10 weeks using your cookbooks. My husband is vegetarian and is enjoying the vegetarian variations provided.

Lorraine via email

Iced Coffee shake a winner!

I’ve just tried the iced coffee shake and I must say it tastes way better than any other shake I’ve had in the past.

Mary via email