Beef Satay stir fry recipe. Satay Beef with a healthy twist.

Satay Beef Stir Fry

Love Satay Beef? My Beef Satay Stir Fry recipe has all the taste of a traditional satay recipe without the unnecessary saturated fats. Serve with Basmati rice for a lower GI option.

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healthy Indian Pasties recipe

Indian Pasties

Traditional pasties have around 400 calories and 20g of fat. My healthy Indian Pasties are 233 calories and 7.3g of fat per serve. Enjoy!

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healthy honey prawn stor fry recipe

Honey Prawn Stir Fry

My delicious Honey Prawn Stir Fry has all of the flavour of a traditional version minus the added fats from deep frying the prawns in batter!

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Healthy Cream of Mushroom Soup recipe

Cream of Mushroom Soup

My Cream of Mushroom Soup recipe has all of the deliciously creamy taste of a traditional version without the saturated fats to weigh it down

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sticky chinese prawns

Sticky Chinese Prawns

Enjoy my delicious Sticky Chinese Prawns. And prawns contain vitamin B12, essential for the workings of every cell in the human body.

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healthy Caesar Salad

Caesar Salad

My Caesar Salad is low in kilojoules and saturated fat making this a great choice for people with diabetes who want to lose weight.

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