healthy snacking habits

Snacking habits

Are your snacking habits letting you down? Snacking itself is not a problem, but be aware that all those bits and pieces can really add up.

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Doughnuts and emotional eating

Emotional eating tips

I know when I was trying to lose weight, emotional eating was a real issue for me. Needless to say if binge eating isn’t curbed it will wreak havoc with your weight loss efforts.

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portion size tips

Portion size tips

Incorrect portion size is one of the biggest reasons people are overweight. Find out the correct portion size for you with my quick reference guide.

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Belly measurement

Quick facts on weight loss

If you want to lose half a kilo a week – which is a steady, healthy weightloss to aim for – then follow these 2 easy steps and you will see those kilos melt away.

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Fish with Mango Salsa

3 tips for perfect fish

Fish has some amazing health benefits and for anyone trying to lose weight you can’t go wrong if you include several fish meals a week into your diet.

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