My secret to staying on track during party season

If you find it hard to stick to your healthy eating plan at this time of year, I’m here to help.

Party season is in full swing. Invitations to family gatherings, work parties and events or long-overdue catch-ups with friends are filling up your diary.

It’s a challenge to stay on track at the best of times but trying to lose weight with constant distractions adds another level even for the most committed person. And at this time of the year, it can be tempting to let your healthy lifestyle plan go to the wayside. But I guarantee if you choose this option and give up on your weight loss now, come January, you’ll be so disappointed with yourself.

So instead of falling into a heap, I have got some great suggestions that’ll mean you can still enjoy all this season has to offer but it won’t derail your weight loss efforts. Are you in? 😊

Here are my 5 simple tips to help keep you on track over the festive season and start 2023 with a smile on your dial:

1. Check your diary

At the start of each week check what social events you have on. By doing this you can be proactive with your planning for the week.

The key is to look at the events as a fun time, it’s not just about the food. If possible make something from my cookbooks to take to events so you know you have a healthy option.

Remember, in the words of Benjamin Franklin, “if you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail.” 

2. Plan your menu

Write a menu plan for the week considering the social gatherings you have planned. If you’re going out for dinner, ensure you have a light lunch or vice versa – if you’re out to lunch, have a light dinner. On the quiet days that week have fewer calories to help compensate for the outings.

Remember, there are menu plans in book 5 and book 6 if you need more structure, plus you’ll find lots of FREE RECIPES here.

3. Keep exercising

When checking your diary at the beginning of the week, make sure you include your exercise sessions for the week. Don’t just skip the session if your social engagements clash with your exercise times, reschedule it. This is the time when you need to increase your exercise to help with all the functions and extra eats and drinks.

Remember, don’t leave exercise to chance, write it in your diary.

4. Stay hydrated

Thirst is often mistaken for hunger. So, make sure you’re getting your 8 glasses a day. You’re always thirsty when you arrive at an event so make water your first drink and include several more glasses during the event. I always ask for a bottle of sparkling water with a wine glass and fresh lime.

Remember, don’t drink away all your calories, instead aim to have more alcohol-free days in your week.

5. Try my secret weapon

So, this one is my personal saviour… I use my shakes to fill the gaps. For example, if I’m going to an event that has finger food, I have a shake before I go, because I know that finger food is often deep-fried or covered in pastry.

If I’ve been out to lunch, I’ll have a shake and a couple of rice cakes with salad and cheese for dinner. You only need one large meal a day and my shakes give you the freedom to have a balanced day even if you’re out and about socially.

Most importantly you’re not compromising your health because my shakes are filled with loads of vitamins and minerals that will help you get through the busy time without falling in a heap.

Quick facts about my shakes

  • Contain 15g of protein and 7g of fibre to keep you feeling fuller for longer
  • Just 158 calories per serve and 99% fat free
  • Convenient just add cold water and shake
  • 5-star Health Star Rating
  • 4 delicious flavours, including a dairy-free option
  • 14 single serve sachets per pack
  • Samples are available HERE

A few final words

I’ve had many, many years of balancing this time of the year and the key is having a plan as you head into the silly season. If you don’t plan you may find that you compromise yourself by grabbing food you know isn’t healthy.

There’s so much more to enjoy at this time of year so don’t make food the top priority. Enjoy this magical time of year and remember – Nothing tastes as good as being slim and healthy feels.

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