8 tips for successful winter slimming

tips for successful winter weight loss

In winter, it can be tempting to resort to comfort eating, but comfort foods can also be very high in fats and therefore extra calories. Want to stay on track during winter? Here are my 8 tips for successful winter slimming.

1: Set realistic goals

Decide what you want to achieve, then get clear about the things you will need to do each day to get you closer to your goals. Make sure your goals are S.M.A.R.T – specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, time bound.

2: Plan ahead

The best way to ensure you reach your goals is to plan ahead. Write a menu plan each week and use this to write your shopping list. Being proactive puts you in control and ensures that you only have healthy food choices on hand for each meal. There’s a 14 day weight loss menu plan in my Winter Warmer eBook.

3: Don’t skip breakfast

It kick-starts your metabolism and helps you burn fat which is ideal on a weight loss plan. If you don’t have time for breakfast then I recommend my Premium Breakfast Shakes

4: Portion control

Know your portion sizes. It’s very easy to over-serve. Adding a little extra here and there can really add up on the scales by the end of winter.

5: Snack right

If it’s not in your pantry or fridge you can’t eat it, so be sure to include healthy snacks into your weekly plan. If you know there is a time when you always reach for a biscuit or sweet treat, plan something you can have instead.

6: Don’t use food as comfort

It’s very tempting to use food to warm your soul in winter. Food is just food – it’s not going to solve your problems and you’ll end up feeling worse from the guilt of over-indulging.

7: Keep moving

Your body needs to keep active even if it is cold outside, no excuses – exercise all year round. If it is raining then play music and do a workout at home, hire a walking machine or join a gym. Exercise can also help with the winter blues by releasing those feel-good endorphins and getting some fresh air into your lungs. To stay motivated, write your exercise times into your diary and have your workout clothes ready to go.

8: Stay hydrated

Often people can get very dehydrated in the colder months as they drink less water and more coffee and tea, which dehydrates you. I know it is a bit more of a challenge to get 8 glasses of water each day (this is the recommended amount you should aim for) but you need to keep hydrated all year round. The best way to get your 8 glasses in is to plan them throughout your day. For example, one before breakfast, one with breakfast, one with lunch etc.

Excerpt taken from my Winter Warmer eBook, click here to find out more.