Motivation – Breaking through the barriers to success

Annette is in hot demand as a motivational speaker on business, health and lifestyle.

Annette’s personal story is amazing. She was once morbidly obese and lived from pay to pay but through sheer determination and self-belief, she transformed her life. Annette is now a healthy woman, as well as being recognized as a leading weight loss and low fat expert in Australia. Annette is a multi award winning business woman and is listed in the BRWeekly magazine as one of the top 30 entrepreneurial women in Australia. You will come away from her presentation with a spring in your step and a renewed belief in yourself.

The video below was filmed at Annette’s Symply Slim & Healthy 3 Day Workshop Retreat in May 2013. We pick up the story where Annette has just done the grocery shopping and is bringing the groceries in from the car with her then 6 year old daughter…