Success in Business – Rags to riches

Annette started her business with no money and had little business acumen. She started her business with very humble beginnings, used her ironing board as a desk and a loan from her in-laws to print her first book. From these modest beginnings; Annette shares how her highly motivating journey took her from living from pay to pay to becoming a best-selling author selling over 4 million cookbooks all self published. Annette is a leader in her field and a multi award winning international business woman. Annette is a true success story where she turned her greatest weakness ‘food’ into her greatest strength.

This motivating and inspirational presentation will enthral participants and keep them on the edge of their seats. Annette shows what can be achieved and will empower your audience as she shares what has helped her achieve what some would think impossible. With her PASSION, COMMITMENT and above all VISION Annette shows what can be achieved when you dare to dream.

Since the release of her first book in 1997 author Annette Sym still runs her award winning business from her home office on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. Annette truly shows how empowering it can be to be your own boss and have a lifestyle that some could only dream of. Annette’s presentation is jam packed with practical tips to help anyone interested in running their own business, operating their own home based or small business or intending to do so. Annette has one of the most successful home based businesses in Australia and has been recognized with several business awards. Her journey, advice, tips and practical down to earth solutions to help clients are both informative and highly motivational.

Annette will share how she created her successful business without spending any money on advertising. Learn how she has used her talent and is now in hot demand in all areas of radio and print media. Annette is heard on many regional radio stations every week, writes articles for several newspapers and magazines and has appeared on most current affairs type shows. Annette will show participants how to attract mainstream media without spending money.