Goal setting – Goals are dreams with a deadline

Goal setting course

Annette is a big believer in setting goals, both in her business and personal life. Having clear goals helps to keep you focused and on track with a clear path to follow in the future. This presentation is all about getting people to acknowledge what they want and showing them how to set and achieve their goals by having a clear plan of action to follow in both their personal and business life.

Annette will excite and motivate your team or participants to dare to dream and clearly know what they want to achieve. Everyone needs to have dreams regardless of what they do, or who they are and they will clearly know what they truly desire after Annette’s motivational session. If you want it to be interactive then make this exciting topic part of your workshop/event; where participants can interact by creating their own goal poster on the day to take home. Allow 1-2 hours if you wish to include poster making in the presentation.