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The ultimate cheat list for swapping snacks.

A MUST READ article! I often get asked for substitutes for the snacks on the menu. So, here is the ultimate cheat list to refer to whenever you want to swap. The list includes dairy products, nuts, sweet or savoury snacks, chocolate, baking and fruit.

Remember the golden rule for swapping –

Always swap with something of a similar calorie and fat count.

My suggestion is to look at the fat count first and find something within 2g of the fat count of the product you’re swapping, then look for something with similar calories.


DAIRY (or dairy substitutes)

The dairy products in your menu plan are calculated so you get the required amount of calcium each day, so ideally any dairy should be swapped for another source of dairy.

If you can’t tolerate dairy, I suggest considering a calcium supplement. My Dairy Free Shakes have quite a good amount of calcium per serve, as does unsweetened almond milk.

I aim for 800mg of calcium per day in your menu plans, and I’ve included the total milligrams of calcium per serve in the notes.



Nuts provide healthy fats, however even healthy fats need to be eaten in moderation. Never guess your portion, always weigh them. If you can’t tolerate nuts, swap for avocado or olive oil to use as a salad dressing can be substituted, quantity will depend on the quantity of nuts.


SAVOURY – Pre-packaged

These are handy go-to snacks that you can take with you when you go out, which is why they’re included on the program. They’re also portion controlled serving sizes, so you’re not tempted to over-serve.


SAVOURY – Crackers + toppings

Choose your crackers and then choose a topping from lower down the list, play around with the total fats and calories to make the swap. If you need a portable snack, you can swap for something in the list above.



Most of the snacks under this heading are high in dietary fibre. Dietary fibre helps to keep you feeling full. So if you have previously not been a fan of muesli bars I encourage you to try them. Me and my team personally taste test all the packaged snacks in the program and if we don’t like them, they don’t make the cut.

Muesli bars provide a good source of dietary fibre, I aim for 30g per day. This helps to keep you feeling full.



Any nutritional value in a chocolate bar is usually outweighed by the sugar and fats. But I like to include the occasional chocolate in the menu plans, so you don’t feel like you’re missing out. However, if you know that having chocolate in the house is dangerous for you, don’t buy it, and swap for another snack option.



Some people love to bake, whereas others don’t or simply don’t have the time.

If you’re in the ‘love to bake’ group, please ensure temptation doesn’t get the better of you. Choose recipes that are suitable to be frozen to avoid temptation.

Click on the baked goods listed below to be taken to the recipe in the program.

NB: There’s a gluten free baking section in book 7, check for suitable swaps.



Fruit has lots of lovely fibre, that helps to keep you feeling full. For this reason, I ask that you never swap your fruit for fruit juice (which has little to no fibre). Pear and kiwi fruit are quite high in dietary fibre, so I have listed this beside them.


The snacks shown are just a sample of what’s possible.

Legend for abbreviations:

*GF – Gluten Free, NF – Nut Free, DF – Dairy Free

*Always check whether snacks shown are free from allergens.

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