10 tips for surviving winter

surviving winter

Cold nights and mornings signal the end of the warmer months. With the onset of winter comes the desire for hot, hearty meals that are often made using cheaper, fattier cuts of meat. Add to this the likelihood of being house-bound on cold, rainy days and this can be a recipe for disaster for anyone on a weight loss plan.

So, what’s the secret to surviving winter without weight gain? Well it’s the old Boy Scout motto – Be prepared!

Why not set some new goals and work out strategies to keep you on track before you get lost in baggy winter clothes that cover a multitude of sins.

My 10 tips for surviving winter:

  1. THINK LEAN – When making casseroles or curries cut off all visible fat from meat. Buy only the leanest of meats and remove the skin from chicken or buy skinless chicken breasts.
  2. COMBAT BOREDOM – If you are stuck at home, eating the wrong foods out of boredom can be tempting. Instead of eating, phone a friend, catch up on chores, do a crossword or work on a hobby.
  3. SNACK SENSIBLY – Some safe snacks to have in the pantry or fridge include raisin toast, crumpets, or my low fat cakes or muffins. A bowl of hot porridge or a high fibre cereal will also fill you up.
  4. WARM UP YOUR LUNCH – Sandwiches can be unappealing in cooler weather, instead make jaffles or an open grill topped with 30% reduced fat tasty cheese.
  5. VEG UP – A vegetable soup is perfect if you are feeling hungry as it has very few kilojoules and almost no fat. Perfect for lunch or a healthy snack.
  6. EAT YOUR FRUIT – The fibre in fruit will help to fill you up, for a warm option why not try it stewed.
  7. RETHINK YOUR DRINK – The calories in milk-based drinks add up quickly, use skim milk and limit to one a day. Switch to herbal teas that have no calories or hot water with fresh lemon is another refreshing option.
  8. STAY HYDRATED – Thirst can often be mistaken for hunger, remember to drink your eight glasses of water each day.
  9. KEEP MOVING – Your body needs to keep active even if it is cold outside, exercise all year round. If it is raining then play music and do a work out at home, hire a walking machine or join a gym.
  10. WATCH YOU PORTIONSMeasure portions to ensure you are not over-serving. Limit your portion size by eating from a smaller plate or bowl.

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