7 ways to celebrate mum this Mother’s Day

mothers day

There’s no one-size-fits-all Mother’s Day gift, my seven ideas will put you on the right track to the perfect gift.

A very special day is coming up on May 13th – Mother’s Day. Did any one of us mums ever know how many hats we would have to wear in this role? A mum needs to be a counsellor, chef, taxi driver, entertainment manager, nurse and teacher to name but a few.

Mother’s Day is time to give mums a well-earned break from all those things and a chance to get spoilt and enjoy the day with their family. Mums are so used to doing for everyone else that it can be hard to get them to take a day off.

Think about what your mum likes and plan activities or gifts that are special to her on her special day.

Here’s my 7 ways to spoil mum on Mother’s Day

  1. For the mum who likes being outdoors – organise a family barbecue or picnic in the park and don’t let her do a thing
  2. If she’s always on the go – buy a book from her favourite author, it gives her an excuse to sit and take time out
  3. If mum loves pretty things – give her a bunch of flowers, or a pot of blooms might be more her style if she’s a gardener
  4. Chances are the mum who buys beautiful cards will love them in return – buy or make a card with thoughtful words, perfect if you’re too far away to visit
  5. A mum who puts everyone else first might like to be pampered – buy a voucher for a facial or massage to show her how much she’s appreciated
  6. The sweet tooth mum would love you to bake her a cake or one of my delicious slices – I’ve included my Symple Brownies recipe, they’re so easy to make that the kids could help make them
  7. Every mum would love you to make her something special – if you’re not creative, go to a photo kiosk and make her a book of favourite family photos

My wish for you

If you’re a mum who’d like to be treated to something special this Mother’s Day, don’t leave it to chance, add some subtle hints into conversation and leave some very good hints around the home.

And regardless of whether you get the special gift you’re hoping for remember – you are a strong, brave, exceptional, beautiful, inspiring, lovely woman. Enjoy your Mother’s Day.

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