What’s hindering your weight loss?

weight loss

Emotions can play havoc with your healthy lifestyle, let’s look at some of the ways to overcome some common feelings.

When you think about losing weight do you feel overwhelmed, stuck, or confused? Let me help you find out what’s hindering your weight loss.

Feeling overwhelmed?

Looking at the big picture and seeing all the weight you want to lose can be overwhelming. My advice is to break it down into manageable chunks, aim for a weight loss of half to one kilo a week. Losing big numbers on the scales is motivating but it’s not sustainable long-term.

What to do – Write a menu for the week, and make sure only those foods end up in your shopping trolley, then just focus on what you need to do each day to be a healthy person. Aim to lose five kilos and when that’s gone, focus on the next five. It’s what you do repeatedly that will give you success on the scales.

Feeling stuck?

If you’ve been trying to lose weight for some time, it’s likely you feel stuck. The key here is that what you’re doing isn’t working and something needs to change. I see two reasons this may be occurring – you may be doing all the right things but experiencing a plateau or you’re not sticking to your calorie limit as closely as you think.

What to do – Write down everything you eat and drink for a week and identify if your making poor food choices or overeating. If you’re on track with your food, it’s time to switch things up. For example, change your main meal to lunch time instead of dinner time or if you walk for exercise, add in an exercise class or a game of tennis each week.

Feeling confused?

There’s so many conflicting messages in the media that it’s easy to get confused. I’ve been in my healthy weight range since 1993 and have seen many fad diets come and go and I can tell you from experience that the secret to long-term weight loss success is a healthy lifestyle.

What to do – Get back to basics. Start with a healthy dinner plate; which is one quarter lean meat, one quarter carbohydrate and the remaining half with lots of veggies. Have two to three serves of fruit each day and don’t forget to drink water. Remember, healthy food doesn’t need to be complicated.

A few final tips:

Not sure where to start? Follow one of my menu plans in book 5 or book 6 or the one’s you get with my Breakfast Shakes. They show you exactly what and how much to eat.
Lacking motivation? Find your why! How will it feel when you get to your goal weight? Write it down and read it often.
Need support? Join my Symply With You Mentoring program or get some friends together that are focused on good health and have a catch up each week. Surrounding yourself with like-minded people really helps.

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