How to add variety to your weight loss plan


A boring routine is a recipe for disaster when wanting to stick with a weight loss plan long-term. Recharge your enthusiasm with my tips for adding variety.

I remember back in my dieting days, diet food was boring, bland and uninspiring so even with the best intentions I could never stick with the plan long-term. These days I know that eating the same boring food and doing the same boring gym workout day in day out is not sustainable long-term. So, check out my my tips on how to add variety to your weight loss plan.

If you’ve been on your weight loss journey for a while and you’re starting to get bored with it, don’t give in and revert back to old ways, recharge your enthusiasm by mixing up your routine.

The thing is, there are lots of different healthy foods and ways to exercise so weight loss doesn’t ever have to get boring. The key is to think outside the box. So, what can you do to combat boredom and stay on track?

Mix up your daily breakfast

I suggest you have three different daily breakfast options to choose from, this will feel less restrictive and make it much easier to stick with the plan. Click here for some healthy breakfast options.

Cook new recipes

There are over 800 recipes in my 9 cookbooks and all suitable for someone on a weight loss program. Pick one or two new recipes to cook each week; you may just discover a new family favourite. Get the family involved and give them turns to pick a recipe they want to try. It’s easier to stay motivated to cook healthy food when the family are on board.

Try a new fruit or vegetable

I’ve discovered some delicious fruits since I’ve become a healthy person. Sugar plums, dragon fruit and papaya are delicious fruits that you may not have tried.

If you’re bored with whole fruit cut it up into a fruit salad.  If cold fruit is not appealing warm it up; canned apple and cinnamon is delicious on porridge.

When it comes to vegetables, add variety by trying different ways to cook them – I love adding parsnip, swede and carrots to a roast dinner and cauliflower is delicious roasted too.

What about salad? If you’re having the same lettuce, tomato and cucumber salad every day you will loathe the sight of it after a while. Adding some different ingredients such as leftover roasted vegetables, blanched asparagus or canned beans is great for variety. Check out the salad and vegetable section of each of my cookbooks for more inspiration.

Look for new ways to exercise

We can get caught up thinking that you either have to walk or go to the gym to exercise, but that’s just not true! Playing with the kids is a great way to burn calories. I was throwing a frisbee with my granddaughter recently and I can tell you I felt it the next day. My grandson has a totem tennis set and that’s a fun workout too and they’re quite cheap at Kmart. I’m sure you can think of more fun ways to add variety to your exercise routine and get your heart rate up.

What about water?

Well of course you know I’m going to say that water is the best drink, but it can get boring if that’s all you ever drink. You’ll be pleased to know there are more options that count towards your daily quota – Click here for more tips to get your 8 glasses of water each day.

A few final thoughts

If you’re getting bored with your food choices, check out the 28-day menu plans in book 5 and book 6 for some inspiration with your breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

And remember, you didn’t gain all your weight by eating one unhealthy meal, so allow yourself a night out with friends occasionally; but take your good intentions with you. Don’t use it as an excuse to just go for it but maybe allow yourself one treat. I use my 90/10 rule in these situations – do the right thing 90 percent of the time but allow myself 10 percent for flexibility.

Variety is the spice of life and it’s certainly true when it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle.

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