5 common diet myths busted

diet myths busted

Who knew losing weight could be so confusing?

If you’ve been dieting and not losing weight, you’re not alone! In this article I’m going to bust some common diet myths. There’s so much hype out there about what’s healthy and what’s not that it can get quite confusing.

With all the knowledge available to us, why are the statistics for overweight and obesity climbing throughout the western world? I believe there are a few reasons, but think the biggest cause is lifestyle. How you live your life and the choices you make can be seen on either your flat or bulging belly.

I have lived both sides of the story. I was overweight or obese for many years – however when I quit dieting and decided to step up and take responsibility for my health and lifestyle choices things changed for the better. I lost 35 kilos and have been in my healthy weight range since 1993.

Are you ready to ditch the diet mentality and take a healthy approach to weight loss? First, let’s bust some weight loss myths.

5 diet myths debunked

  1. Skipping meals helps you lose weight FALSE – Back when I weighed 100 kilos, I believed this was true,  I would skip breakfast thinking I was saving those calories. How wrong I was! Breakfast kick-starts your metabolism and gets you into fat-burning mode. You never want to be hungry on a weight loss program as it sets you up for disaster either later in the day or the next day.
  2. Not exercising makes you gain weightFALSE – Lack of exercise is not the issue, consuming more calories than you burn is what causes weight gain.  You can lose weight without exercising however, exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle as you’ll see in point 4 below.
  3. Carbs are fatteningFALSE – The problem is, not all carbs are created equal. Sugar and anything that has added sugar as a primary ingredient are generally high carb foods and not a great addition to a healthy eating plan. Fruit on the other hand contains carbs, but is also a great source of dietary fibre and essential vitamins and minerals. Potatoes often get a bad rap, but more often it’s how they are cooked and the quantity consumed that is the problem. Like everything, the key is moderation. And next time someone tells you to quit carbs to lose weight, you might mention that the primary function of carbohydrates is to provide energy for the body, especially the brain and the nervous system. Pretty important I’d say!
  4. Metabolism slows as we age and causes weight gainFALSE – Studies show that the metabolism slows due to loss of muscle mass as we age, however it doesn’t need to lead to weight gain. By adjusting your lifestyle to reduce your calorie intake and include weight-bearing exercise in your weekly exercise regime you can combat the effects of a slowing metabolism.
  5. Counting calories is a waste of timeFALSE – Has the person giving this advice ever had a weight problem? Probably not! With so many high calorie foods readily available, counting calories is a must for anyone wanting to shed excess kilos. I advise everyone to keep a food diary for at least one or two weeks to identify the problem foods. You will need kitchen scales and a calorie and fat counter book to track the calories and fats of all food and drinks you consume each day.

How to lose weight the healthy way

Forget trying to lose weight the quick way with diet pills or the latest fad diet, come into my world of healthy living and learn how to include your favourite foods as part of a nutritionally balanced plan.

In book 5 and book 6 I’ve included a 28-day weight loss menu plan that’s nutritionally balanced with all meals and snacks included according to how much weight you need to lose.

If you feel like you need more support, consider joining my Symply With You mentoring program where you’ll learn how to quit the diets and live life as a healthy person.

Be patient! It took me 20 months to lose my weight and I said goodbye to it, never to return. I want this for you too. If I can do it, so can you.

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