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Symply weight loss success

Have you struggled to lose weight? Are you feeling overwhelmed and don’t know where to start? If you’re like me and have been on one crazy diet after another with little if any good results, I’m here to help. I want you to know how to lose weight and keep it off forever.

I weighed 100 kilos when I decided to give up dieting and become a healthy person. I lost 35 kilos and have kept it off since 1993. I turned my greatest weakness ‘food’ into my greatest strength and so can you.

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Let’s face it diet food is bland and boring and it’s not sustainable long-term. Get off the diet rollercoaster and come into my world of healthy living!
One of the first things that often happens when life gets busy is our healthy eating plan goes out the window. Well I have a solution that can help.
I once weighed 100 kilos and was getting fatter with every fad diet I tried. When I received that swimsuit photo in the mail, I knew something had to change.
surviving winter

With the onset of winter comes the desire for hot, hearty meals that are often made using cheaper, fattier cuts of meat. My 10 tips for surviving winter…

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lose weight during lock down

Sitting on the couch watching Netflix, eating potato chips isn’t going to help you lose weight during lock down. Read 10 tips for COVID weight loss success

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home cooked meals

Home cooked meals are becoming a casualty of modern fast-paced lifestyles. Read my tips for putting healthy meals on the table and recipe suggestions.

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Did you drink milk without a problem when you were younger but now milk is a problem? More and more people are switching to a low dairy or dairy free diet

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Chocolate Banana Cake

Enjoy my Chocolate Banana Cake! Serve it up when guests come to visit, they’ll never know it’s a guilt free, low fat option.

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healthy Fettuccine Carbonara

My Fettuccine Carbonara is super quick and easy to make. A delicious creamy pasta recipe without the high fat sauce of traditional versions.

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Tasty meat loaf recipe

My Tasty Meat Loaf is a traditional winter comfort food without the saturated fat. Serve with steamed veg and gravy for a deliciously warming meal.

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Friday’s thought… Going into the weekend I want you to use these few days as a time to prepare for the week ahead. Here are some suggestions:
1. Write a menu plan for Monday – Sunday and shop ... See more

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Rich Chocolate Squares | Thursdays with Annette

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Thursday’s thought… I like the quote “nothing tastes as good as being trim and healthy feels.” I promise you that there's no food that can give you the joy and happiness that good health can. ... See more

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Did someone say guilt-free chocolate?
My Rich Chocolate Squares are so delicious and well... chocolatey.

Join me in my kitchen this Thursday at 2pm - sit back relax and enjoy the show as you watch ... See more