Why is it so hard to lose weight?

Check out some reasons and my solutions below

A question I’ve been asked many times during my 30 years in the weight loss industry is – Why is it so hard to lose weight?

From my observation, there are several things that people struggle with when losing weight and if left unaddressed, they will find it hard to lose weight. Below are 5 reasons people find it hard to lose weight and my simple solutions to help you feel clear, focused and supported. 

Let’s look at why people find it hard to lose weight, and my solutions

  1. They have unrealistic expectations. They want to lose big numbers each week and when it doesn’t happen, they give up out of disappointment and frustration.

    My solution – Set a realistic goal. Then weigh in no more than once a week and appreciate every time those scales move in the right direction. Small losses really do add up for example if you lose 300 grams a week that’s over 15 kilos in a year. Count every loss as a win! It took me 20 months to lose 35 kilos and I didn’t lose weight every week. 
  2. They think losing weight means starving. They deny themselves of all the usual foods, eat like a sparrow and wonder why they’re cranky, miserable and can’t stick to it long-term.

    My solution – If you try to starve yourself, you’re going to cave and binge at some point, this is what I call the diet roller-coaster.  To prevent this, it’s important to have a nutritionally balanced eating plan that has the food you love, but done my healthy way.

  3. They get confused about what to eat.  There’s so much hype out there about what’s healthy and what’s not, it’s any wonder they get confused.

    My solution – Eat food you enjoy. By following my menu plans you get to eat tasty delicious meals and you know exactly how much to eat every day which takes the guesswork out of what to eat and how much. Let me guide you.

  4. They forget why they started. Somewhere along the way they start to obsess about all the things they’re missing out on by being on a weight loss plan.

    My solution – Get clear on all the things you’ll gain by losing weight – more energy, less joint pain and feeling good about yourself and all you achieve.  So that when you’re faced with tempting food it’s easier to say “no thank you, that doesn’t support the healthy me.” And on a side note – forget doing this for anyone but you, ‘Because my doctor said so’ is not going to keep you motivated for very long.

  5. They feel unsupported and alone. Trying to get family and friends on board can be a battle and when they become battle weary, they give up because it’s too hard.

    My solution – Surround yourself with people who will support you on your journey, on the good days and the bad days, without judgement. This is one of the things people love about my mentoring program, there’s a closed Facebook community filled with like-minded people (mostly women) who are there with a word of encouragement on a bad day and to celebrate your wins with you. And I’m there too 😊

If you can relate to any (or all) of the above and find it hard to lose weight, perhaps my Symply With You mentoring is exactly what you need to get you on track to find the healthy fabulous you.

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