What’s your exercise personality type?

exercise personality profile

What type of exercise is right for you?

Many people I talk to say that lack of exercise is one of the biggest things holding them back from achieving their health goals. In winter it’s too cold, in summer it’s too hot… is there ever a good time to exercise? But have you ever thought about finding exercise that suits your personality type?

It really helps if the exercise you choose suits your lifestyle and personality. I’d much rather do an exercise class than workout in the gym on my own. I’m all about fun ways to exercise – love my Zumba classes.

Not sure what exercise suits you?

Here’s some things to get you thinking about your exercise personality type:

  1. Work in a job that’s mentally demanding? You might prefer exercise that doesn’t involve a lot of thinking such as cycling or swimming
  2. Need to blow off some steam? Racket sports or boxing might be just the thing you need
  3. Rather be socialising? Join a team sport or invite your friends to come on a walk with you rather than catching up for coffee
  4. Like a bit of competition? If team sport is not an option, try logging your workouts with an app. Create goals based on the progress you want to make, or the distance you want to walk each week to keep you focused.
  5. Keen for some time alone? Jogging or walking is the perfect exercise for some downtime
  6. Perhaps you’re the creative type? Dance, yoga or tai chi might be more your style

Once you identify your exercise personality type, choose something you enjoy doing and this way you’ll be more likely to stay motivated to exercise when the temptation to skip your workout is greatest.

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