Spring weight loss tips

spring weight loss tips

If you’ve found a few extra kilos over winter, don’t wait another minute to start losing them.

You can certainly feel that spring is in the air with warm days and cool nights, thankfully the coldest part of the year is behind us. Before we know it, we will be heading to the beach on weekends and Christmas will be on our doorstep. With just over 15 weeks to Christmas, it’s time to kick-start your spring weight loss today.

It’s a great time to do a spring clean of our house – but don’t forget the pantry and fridge. If your healthy eating plan went off track during the colder months you may also need to do a spring clean of your mindset and shift your focus onto slimming down for summer.

It’s time to face the music. Here’s three things to do now:

  • Step on the scales and write down the number
  • Try on your favourite summer outfit from last year and see how it fits. Facing reality now before summer hits is a great way to avoid having nothing that fits.
  • Write a food diary for a week and identify any problem foods and drinks.

Now that you have faced the reality of where you’re at, read my 8 tips to get you back to good health:

  1. Clean out your pantry and fridge. Discard all foods that are not helping you to be the healthy person you want to be.
  2. Plan ahead. Write a menu plan and use it to write your shopping list for the week.
  3. Forget stodgy stews, choose grilled meat or fish. Light the barbeque for some lean cooking as grilling over an open flame helps allow the fat to escape and is so much healthier.
  4. Enjoy seasonal fruits. Lady William pears, apples, strawberries, grapefruit, lemons, mandarins, melons, blood or Seville oranges, as well as papaya, pawpaw and pineapples will be really sweet.
  5. Include lots of seasonal vegetables and salads. Artichokes, Asian greens, asparagus, green beans, beetroot, broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, lettuce, mushrooms, peas, potatoes, silverbeet and spinach are all in season now.
  6. Include two fish meals each week. Fish is loaded with omega 3’s and low in fat; enjoy fresh fish with tasty sauces or marinate in some garlic and lemon before pan frying in a little low fat margarine.
  7. Schedule in some exercise. If exercise has gone by the wayside over winter, it’s time to start moving again.
  8. Check your water intake. If you have been a bit slack with your water intake over winter then now is the perfect time to get back to the routine of having eight glasses of water a day.

Don’t wait another day or another week. Starting now means you will be ready for summer! Get started with my Weight Loss Masterclass in book 6

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