8 tips for healthy picnics

perfect picnics

This is a fantastic time of year. The longer days make it the perfect time to pack a healthy picnic and get the family outside. It’s also a great excuse to get active by playing a game of cricket or throwing a frisbee before enjoying an easy lunch or dinner.

Here are my 8 tips for healthy picnics:

  1. Keep it simple. If you have time to plan ahead, cook up one of by my savoury slices, like my Ham and Corn Slice from Book 7. These are perfect finger food when cut into bite-sized pieces. Make ahead and either freeze or refrigerate until you are ready to head out on the day.
  2. Salad rolls are easy. If there’s no time to plan ahead, grab some fresh rolls, lean deli meat or a barbecued chicken – remove skin for a lower fat option. Include low fat cheese slices and salad ingredients for a no fuss meal.
  3. Healthy snacks are a must. Make or buy low fat dips, perfect with some carrot and celery sticks or rice crackers, or make my low fat corn chips from book 1, pack pretzels or popcorn. More healthy snack suggestions here. 
  4. Take some fruit. Small apples and bananas are perfect to eat on the run. Kids love watermelon, why not buy a whole one and cut it up at the picnic.
  5. Make some muffins. Young and old will never say no to a muffin. My muffin recipes are all very low in fat but high in flavour. They freeze well too so you can make them ahead.
  6. Keep the food cold. Make sure there’s lots of ice in the esky to keep the food nice and cold, this will ensure the food is safe for everyone to eat.
  7. Stay hydrated. Pack lots of water, assign everyone a cup or drink bottle and make sure they drink up.
  8. Work up an appetite. Picnics are a great opportunity to get everyone moving. Enjoy a game of cricket, throw a Frisbee or go on a bush walk, all great ways to burn energy and have fun at the same time.

A few final things:

Here’s a few other things to pack to make your picnic a success: comfy fold-up chairs, a beach umbrella and wet ones. Don’t forget to slip, slop, slap. And take some bug repellent, just in case.

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