How Kristin lost 21kg in 5 months

Kristin Atwell

I love hearing from the many wonderful people who’ve had weight loss success using my cookbooks.

I recently received an email from Kristin.

Her story so incredibly motivating and I asked her if she would give me permission to share her story and photos to show others what can be achieved when you step up and make it happen.

Here’s Kristin’s email:

“After having my 3 children, I began to accept that this 77kg body with a BMI of 31.2 (obese range) was me. I was unfit, unmotivated and unhappy.

On October 5 2018, I made the change ! With the help of all 7 of Annette’s books for guidance, I began cooking from them daily. I joined a beautiful Gym – Infinity PT in Beaconsfield and met a lovely trainer – Elvy, what started off as 3 sessions a week has slowly grown into 8 sessions a week.

I’ve lost 21kg in 5 months and my BMI is now sitting at 22.7 and is in the HEALTHY range.

I’m happy, motivated and fit ! Thanks to Annette’s cookbooks I never felt like I was missing out, the recipes are tasty, quick and easy and above all else – Family Friendly !

Thanks Annette for changing my life.” Kristin, from Beaconsfield Victoria.

Thank you Kristin for taking the time to tell me your story and for letting me share it with others to inspire them to keep working towards their goal.

If you or someone you know has had weight loss success using my cookbooks or programs, please share your story with me by clicking HERE. I’d love to hear all about your story.


UPDATE: At the time of publishing Kristin had shed a total of 22.5 kilos 🙂 Well done Kristin!

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