Easter survival guide

Easter survival guide

Temptation is everywhere at Easter and with more people falling off the weight-loss wagon now than any other time, except Christmas, it can be a challenge for any slimmer.  Easter is especially difficult for those who love chocolate, but with a little willpower you can resist temptation and find it easier to continue a healthy eating regime.

Consider these two simple ideas:

•    Chocolate is sold 365 days a year.  Sure, it’s a danger time because it seems to be at every turn but you can do it. Don’t let it ruin your good work to date; make sure you have a plan of what you will do and what you will eat over the long weekend.
•    Stop giving chocolate so much power. It’s just chocolate and you control how much of the stuff goes into your mouth.

Easter Survival Guide:

  1. Decide how much is enough. Make a firm decision of how much chocolate, if any, you are going to have at Easter time and make sure you stick to it, just remember the more sweet food you eat the more you will crave.
  2. Tell family and friends what you decide. If you aren’t feeling confident about saying “no” to chocolate tell your spouse, friends and children that under no circumstances are they to give you any chocolate eggs (theirs included), even if you beg, cry, yell or bribe. Easter gifts don’t have to be all about chocolate, how about a movie ticket, perfume, new top or a DVD or CD.
  3. Have a plan for unexpected chocolate. If you get given a box of chocolates then only open it when you have company, take a couple of your favourites then share the box around.
  4. Another Easter treat to limit. The other treat enjoyed over Easter is hot cross buns, which have around two to five grams of fat (depending on the brand), but when you add lashings of butter it’s just like chocolate, both need to be eaten in moderation.
  5. If all else fails. If your good intentions fail and you fall off the wagon. Get back on as soon as possible. The little bit of damage caused will quickly be reversed if you get back on track as soon as possible after Easter. Throw out any remaining chocolate if it’s tempting you and focus on the healthy you again.

Here is the recipe for my all-time favourite Mud Cake to enjoy, so instead of grabbing a chocolate bunny you can have a guilt-free piece of this delicious recipe. It’s suitable to be frozen too so you can stash some away where the rest of the family can’t see it.

Remember you are the one who will put the chocolates in your mouth so take control, be responsible and above all don’t let this Easter weekend be the undoing of all your good work. With a little planning now, you can sail through Easter without the post Easter guilt.

Here’s the fat and calorie count of some popular Easter treats:

•    Mini solid eggs – 2g fat & 33 cals per egg (So 6 is 12g fat & 198 cals)
•    Cadbury Crunchie Egg 110g – 30g fat & 573 cals
•    Lindt Bunny 200g – 64g fat & 1070 cals
•    Cadbury Roses 4 chocs – 11.4g fat & 240 cals
•    Hot Cross Bun – 3.4g fat & 213, add 5g butter – add 4.1g fat & 36 cals

Is it worth it? You decide. Wishing you a happy and healthy Easter.