What to do with Christmas leftovers

Waste not, want not – transforming Christmas leftovers into a delicious feast

Christmas fare can be expensive. Don’t let the leftover ham go smelly or Christmas pudding go mouldy after Christmas, make them into a delicious meal. Here’s my simple tips:

Leftover roast meat and ham

  • A great way to use up all those odd bits of meat is to chop up finely and make into fritters. Mix in some finely chopped onion or shallots with an egg white, enough milk to make mixture spreadable and a little plain flour to hold mixture together. If you want to follow a recipe, then try my Corn Fritters in Book 3.
  • Leftover turkey and chicken is perfect in quiches or curries such as my Curry in a Hurry from Book 5 or Chicken in a Hurry Book 1 for those who don’t like curries.
  • Roast pork is great diced and made into sweet and sour pork. Remember cooked meat freezes well.
  • Make a delicious pizza using leftover meat and veggies. Spread pita bread with tomato paste, add diced meat and veggies then top with a little grated low fat cheese.
  • Use leftover ham to make ham and corn fritters. Just add ¾ cup of chopped ham to my Corn Fritters recipe in book 3. These are a great easy lunch or light dinner, serve with a garden salad.

Leftover baked vegetables

  • Cut into large chunks, add to a salad for a roast vegetable salad or combine with couscous and salad dressing for a tasty salad or make some bubble and squeak.

Leftover Christmas pudding

  • Dice pudding and fold through some cooked apple, heat and serve with custard.
  • Make a trifle using diced pudding instead of sponge cake as the base. Sprinkle with a little rum then add some fresh cherries or strawberries. Add a layer of low fat custard, then top with red or green jelly (set jelly first then mash with fork and spoon over top). A great Christmas trifle.
  • Freeze Christmas pudding so you can enjoy long after Christmas has been forgotten. Make sure you put the date on the container lid, it should freeze well for 3 months.

With a bit of creativity Christmas leftovers can be the start of a great meal.

Excerpt taken from my Christmas Survival eBook. Navigating Christmas on a weight loss plan is made easier with my 39 page Christmas Survival eBook.

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