Jo lost 50 kilos and went off medication

The day I hit the scales at 123 kilos was when I decided enough was enough., I had heard about the Symply Too Good recipe books so I bought the first couple – and was hooked. The recipes were easy to cook, didn’t use fancy ingredients and tasted wonderful. And most importantly, I could eat with confidence knowing it was healthy. I could stay on track, without sacrificing taste – which meant it could work long term.

As the weight came off, I started to realise just how much that extra weight was affecting me. Physical issues, such as my cholesterol levels (which I was on medication for) lowered to a normal level and my reflux issues (which I was also on medication for) completely disappeared. I gained more energy, and a general enjoyment of life.

With the help of the Symply Too Good books, I have lost 50 kilos and have hit my goal weight. I have a much healthier relationship with food and don’t see it as an ‘enemy’ anymore. I know I couldn’t have done this without the seven Symply Too Good cookbooks. I’ve not only lost the weight I never thought I could, but I have developed a much healthier relationship, both with food and with my body/health itself.

Jo Griffiths – Ngunnawal. ACT