Premium Breakfast Shakes

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No, however in many cases the ingredients in the savoury recipes can easily be swapped to gluten free options.
Yes, the shakes are so healthy that you can happily indulge knowing that you and your baby are getting loaded with fabulous vitamins and minerals. I suggest that you have some fruit with the shake and talk to your doctor before you start so you know how many calories you should aim for in your day whilst pregnant. You can also continue to enjoy the shakes when breast feeding.
No – none of the STG Shake Flavours are certified Halal or Kosher.
The dairy free shake is suitable for Halal or Kosher.
Yes. The STG Shake range is FREE FROM genetically modified ingredients and does not require labelling in accordance with the FSANZ Standard 1.5.2 Food Produced using Gene Technology.
Wicked Chocolate, Iced Coffee & Creamy Vanilla shakes are suitable for Lacto Vegetarians and Ovo Lacto Vegetarians.
  • Vanilla – this flavour contains a combination of natural identical and non-natural flavours
  • Chocolate – No
  • Coffee – this flavour contains a combination of natural and non-natural flavours
  • Dairy Free – No
  • Cereals containing gluten and their products, namely wheat, rye, barley, oats, spelt and their hybridized strains – NO
  • Crustacean & crustacean products – NO
  • Egg & egg products – NO
  • Fish & fish products (including mollusc and fish oils) – NO
  • Peanuts & peanut products (including peanut oil) – NO
  • Tree nuts & their products (excluding coconut) – NO
  • Sesame seeds & their products – NO
  • Added sulphites – NO
  • Bee pollen presented as a food ingredient – NO
  • Aspartame or aspartame – acesulphame salt – NO
  • Quinine – NO
  • Guarana or extracts of Guarana – NO
  • Phytosterol esters – NO
  • Tall oil phytosterols – NO
  • Propolis presented as a food ingredient – NO
  • Royal Jelly presented as a food or ingredient – NO

Dairy Free shakes don’t contain milk or milk products and are also free from soy and soy products.

Allergen statements are clearly identified in bold type on the ingredients list.

Dairy Free Vanilla contains 8g of fibre per serve. The other 3 flavours contain 7g of fibre per serve and is soluble fibre.