Rolled Pork with Fruit and Nut Filling

Difficulty | Serves 4 | Book 1

healthy rolled pork recipe

4 x 130g butterfly pork steaks
1 small green apple peeled & cored
¾ cup (120g) pitted prunes
2 tablespoons (20g) pine nuts
1 tablespoon water
cooking spray

Per serve
Kilojoules1021(cals 244)
GI RatingLow


Preheat oven 200°C fan forced.

  1. Flatten pork using a meat mallet or rolling pin.
  2. Cut apple into quarters then place into a food processor with prunes, pine nuts and water. Blend for 5 seconds only. Mixture should be fairly course.
  3. Spread a quarter of the mixture over each schnitzel. Roll up firmly, hold together with toothpicks.
  4. Place rolls onto a baking tray that has been coated with cooking spray, and lightly spray over top of rolls with cooking spray.
  5. Bake 20-25 minutes or until pork is cooked.

NOTE: Serve with Gravox® Traditional gravy mix.

Variation: Replace prunes with ¾ cup dried apricots

Suitable to be frozen.

Dietitian's tip

Lean trimmed pork is a healthy source of protein, vitamins including thiamine, niacin, B6, B12, riboflavin and minerals, selenium, zinc, as well as omega-3 fatty acids.

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