Chicken and Roast Pumpkin Risotto

Difficulty | Serves 6 | Book 7

healthy chicken and roast pumpkin risotto recipe

3 cups pumpkin (Kent) diced
cooking spray
400g skinless chicken breast diced
1 tablespoon Flora® Light margarine
1 onion diced
2 teaspoons crushed garlic (in jar)
2 cups Arborio rice
5 teaspoons salt-reduced chicken stock powder
1½ litres (6 cups) water
½ cup dry white wine
½ cup finely grated parmesan cheese (Kraft®)
½ cup chopped basil leaves
¼ teaspoon freshly ground black pepper

Per serve
Kilojoules1689 (cals 403)
GI RatingMedium


Preheat oven 220ºC fan forced.

  1. Place chopped pumpkin onto a flat baking tray that has been coated with cooking spray. Bake 25-30 minutes or until browned.
  2. Sauté chicken in a large saucepan that has been coated with cooking spray until just cooked. Remove onto a plate and leave to one side.
  3. Re-spray pan then melt margarine, add onion and garlic and cook 1 minute stirring to avoid onion burning. Add rice and cook 1 minute mixing in with onion well.
  4. Add stock powder to water and dissolve. Pour 2 cups of water into pan mixing with the rice. Once boiled reduce to a slow boil stirring frequently to avoid rice sticking to base of pan.
  5. Once rice has absorbed water add the wine and 1 cup of water. Keep at a low boil.
  6. Once absorbed add 1 more cup of water then once that has been absorbed into rice add remaining 2 cups water. Once rice is cooked add parmesan cheese, combine well then add chicken, basil and pepper. Gently fold pumpkin through mix, once heated serve.

NOTE: Cooking slowly is the key with risotto as it allows the rice time to cook. Risotto should have a moist consistency when cooked.

Variation: Add 4 tablespoons pine nuts, adds an extra 5.0g fat per serve.

Or Sprinkle extra 2 teaspoons grated parmesan over top of each serve, adds an extra 2.0g fat per serve.

Suitable to be frozen

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Dietitian's tip

To make this an ideal meal add a mixed salad and include as many different coloured leaves available. The more colours the more diverse antioxidants and are cancer fighting nutrients.

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