Goal Setting workshop

I found Annette to be very personable and engaging with the audience, all the way through her presentation. She rarely used ‘cheat sheets’ as she really knows what she’s there to talk about. Her personal story was a great opener for everyone, and the goal setting part of the day was of great interest to everyone – the staff participated willingly, even those who I thought might hesitate. We will certainly be recommending Annette’s books, and will be keeping her in mind for future presentations, perhaps to a larger audience.

By the end of our session, I felt like I had 2 new friends – Annette & Bill!

Below are some of the comments I’ve received on my evaluation sheets:

Were your expectations met?

  • Yes – very much so – I enjoyed listening to a sensible, well thought out and prepared procedure become a sustainable reality.
  • Definitely! Annette was a great speaker with a bubbly personality and it was a very informative session. I walked away feeling like I had more clarity on how to achieve my own personal goals.
  • Yes, I thought the presentation was well organised and well presented. The material will be very beneficial to me.
  • Yes, very impressive. Annette was a great speaker and the 2 (and a half) hours flew by.
  • Yes, very engaging presentation.

What do you think the strongest message of the workshop was?

  • A common sense & achievable approach to leading a healthy lifestyle with the ability to maintain & enjoy the healthy lifestyle option.
  • I think the strongest message of the workshop was how important goal setting is in order to achieve things in life – it doesn’t necessarily have to be a huge goal, or even the end goal, but just to define what it is you want to achieve and then understand how to get it.
  • Be committed in what you’re trying to achieve, and find the time to follow through with your goals.
  • Set goals, drill down to the how/why, get your head space in the right frame to be able to reach those goals.
  • Everything is achievable if you plan and have a great support network.
  • Don’t just have goals, put in place the steps that will help you achieve your goals and also make them small enough to be achievable – break them down if necessary.

Any further comments?

  • By far, one of the better presentations I have been involved in. I am happy I found time to attend.

Holroyd City Council

Presentation and Cooking Class

We were blessed to have the lovely Annette Sym as our speaker and do a 3 course meal cooking demonstration at our 4Her ladies day at Victory Church. The girls are still talking about what a fantastic day it was! We had many who have been inspired to cook healthier with many girls purchasing Annette’s fabulous low fat cookbooks. Annette is an inspiring lady who is living proof that you can do it and it’s easy with her cook books. Annette’s cooking demonstration showed us how easy it is to cook healthier and tasty meals that all the family can enjoy.

Thank you Annette, your story is truly amazing, and we love your passion – it’s contagious.

Victory Church, Gympie

Making Dreams Come True

Annette Sym recently presented at our Sustainable Business Conference here at the University of Southern Queensland Springfield. Her presentation was “Making Dreams Come True”. It was a well-structured, informative and inspiring presentation. Some of the comments received from the students and teachers who attended were:

  • Enjoyable
  • Very informative and inspiring
  • Well presented, enthusiastic and interesting
  • Great speech, good motivational speaker
  • Very Inspirational
  • Please have her back to speak again
  • I found it great to hear Annette’s story and journey
  • Very Interesting

We would like to thank Annette for presenting at the Conference. I think the students were really inspired by Annette’s achievement and success. I think all students can relate in some way to setting your mind to achieving your goals.

University of Southern Queensland

Women in Business and Cooking Class

Annette was recently a guest speaker at the Inspirational Business Women’s Network Mackay December breakfast. She was well received by sixty guests that were in attendance of the breakfast. Her wisdom and knowledge illuminated her audience and left everyone overwhelmed with new insight. Annette shared many great tips and engaged her audience with an exciting cooking demonstration of one of her healthy and delicious recipes. Annette’s wonderful approach to public speaking is accredited to her professionalism and strength of mind and the IBWNM is blessed to have had her as a guest speaker.

Inspirational Business Women’s Network

Presentation and Cooking Class

On behalf of Clarence High School, and especially the senior Food Studies class, I would like to personally thank you for taking the time to share your life story with us.

Thank you for showing us your way of cooking tasty and delicious dishes in a healthy way. As a student who takes pride in his cooking abilities and would like to become a chef, I would like to personally thank you for donating your time and your cookbooks to the school. I am sure that we will use your recipes in our cooking classes and we can see if we can make a dish at least half as good as your own. I would like you to know that I will be cooking your recipes over these school holidays as I thoroughly enjoyed your demonstration and both your Beef ‘n’ Bacon Burger and Symple Brownies recipes.

You are an inspiration to young people around the world and you have shown that you can cook what you love in a healthy way which is ‘symply’ too good to be true!

Denver-Leighton (student)
Clarence High School

Eating and Living Well Presentation and Cooking Class

Annette was absolutely amazing. The audience loved her presentation and she presented her topic in a very interesting way. We would love to have her present again as our staff cannot speak more highly of her!

Tewantin Guardian Pharmacy
(Diabetes Expo)