Easter is over now what?

“I’m confident… I can turn a setback into a comeback”

Easter is over – how did you manage? Has it put you in a spin and making you struggle to stay on track this week? Over the holidays you may have lost your willpower and if this has happened, I’m here to help.

You’ve just come out of a fabulous 6-week challenge and got thrown straight in the deep-end, into Easter. If you managed to stick to your healthy eating plan, well done 😊 If not, you’re in the right place.

Whether you stuck to your plan or didn’t do so well it’s time for a clean out, get rid of the chocolate eggs and Easter buns.

Let’s not let Easter be the reason you quit. Don’t let this be the beginning of the end for your weight loss efforts. What would that lead you to? Gaining your weight back and feeling disappointed with yourself. That’s not what you want!

Whether it’s been a hard few days or not, today, right now is the perfect time to increase your motivation and pump up your determination. Forget what happened over Easter, it’s what you do this week that really counts. Let me help 😊

Here are 5 tips to help get you back on track:

  1. Get all the chocolate out of the house RIGHT NOW! The leftovers can be the undoing of the most determined slimmer so give them away or throw them out. The sooner you stop eating chocolate the quicker you’ll be able to get back to your healthy regime.
  2. Follow the weekly menu plan. This way you know you’re eating healthy food and having the right calorie and fat count each day.
  3. Plan ahead. If you know you’ve got a busy week ahead, cook some meals ahead of time. This way you won’t be tempted to grab takeaways and junk food when you get busy.
  4. Remind yourself what you want to get out of this program. Think about where you have been and where you want to go. If you have a wedding or special event coming up, then use this to motivate you, to get the discipline back and maintain focus to keep going.
  5. Imagine yourself at your goal weight. Think about how you will feel in the clothes you want to wear or be the size you desire and above all think about how great your body feels being slim and healthy. Focus on the great outcome you will have if you continue doing the right thing.

Action step:

If you’ve found the scales have gone up, then take a breath – regroup, rethink and refocus. If you are still not sure what to do from here, check out the START HERE tab and reset your mind to get back on track.

Own your journey, be determined and strong and you’ll feel so proud of yourself next week when you weigh in. Decide right now, this very minute that it’s important for you to get back on track NOW!

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