Calories Burned Calculator

calories burned calculator

How many calories do you burn when exercising?

Exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. However, we can easily overestimate the amount of calories burned when exercising… It’s just not possible to do enough exercise to burn off the calories consumed by poor food choices.

Knowledge is power – so let’s calculate how many calories you burn when exercising.

But before you get started, let’s put this into perspective – One Arnott’s Tim Tam is about 100 calories, and no one ever stops at one! In case you’re wondering, if you eat the entire packet it’s over 1000 calories.

Calories burned varies from person to person, which is why I’ve included the clever little calculator below. Just type in your gender, age and current weight, along with the type and duration of activity and click Calculate your calories burned.

Now, punch in some figures and find out how many calories you can burn with the exercise you do. You’ll also notice that the calculator lists other exercises that burn similar calories. How cool is that!

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Disclaimer: Use the figures generated by the calculator as a guide. If you have a SmartWatch or other tracker it’s likely to tell you something different, that means the application is using a different formula to calculate the result.