Lyn’s story

Lyn finishing half marathon

Hi Lyn here,

Thanks for reading more of my story. What a journey this 60 kilo weight loss has been! It certainly needs more than a few short sentences to tell you so Annette has asked me to share more of my story here.

Was it easy? No. There have been plenty of highs and lows along the way. Was it worth it? Absolutely! You are always going to have good and bad days but even my worst day now is better that my best day before I lost all that weight.

When Annette contacted me about being a testimonial in her 7th book I was both excited and a little disappointed in myself… I had regained nearly 20 of the 60 kilos I had lost, due to an injury which had prevented me from running for almost 3 months. Annette was quick to remind me of my past success and her words were just what I needed to get me back on track. Thank you so much Annette for your support and encouraging words…..they really did help 🙂

When I first started running I said I would celebrate turning 40 by running a Marathon (yes, 42 kms)! And then I decided to speed that up and try it a year early…. But, due to injury, it wasn’t to be, and I didn’t do it. I had all but given up on ever running a full Marathon. Then I received an email from Melbourne Marathon saying registrations were opening soon …. Guess what day….. The day I turned 40 !!! I took that as a sign… this is my year, I am going to do it !

On a side note, a group of mums from my kids school who have been inspired by my weightloss, now come to my home 3 times a week (I have a gym set up) to do a circuit and lose weight.  We encourage each other and keep each other motivated. There’s no excuses when they turn up at my door to exercise – I have to do it. Most of these ladies have been out and bought Annette’s books at my recommendation. Friends are made through common interests & goals and this group of mums are now all good friends. It’s great to know that my story has touched and inspired others.

Throughout the journey  I was especially lucky to have the love and 150% support of my family and I couldn’t have done it without them. They were and still are so proud of me. Sharing it with people, family or friends, makes it so much easier.  My kids had never entered any school sports or cross country before, after I started to lose weight and led the way; they wanted to give it all a go.

The family photo here is me with my husband and 6 kids at the Melbourne Marathon after they had all finished running a 5.7km race.

Lyn after half marathon with husband and 6 kids