We like what’s familiar

“I’m making healthy food my new ‘familiar’ go-to food”

You may have noticed that the longer you are on this program, the easier it becomes. Sure, you’ll still have good days and bad days but it’s sure to get easier to stick to a healthy regime the longer you do it.

The reason being that we like what’s familiar. So, by repeating good habits each day they become more familiar. The great thing about this is that the bad habits are becoming unfamiliar!

The unhealthy Annette used to always grab a chocolate bar at the service station when filling up with fuel, I’d be driving there thinking about which one I’d buy, but the healthy me of today doesn’t even look at the chocolate bars.

Back then buying the chocolate bar was familiar, these days I always have a snack-sized bag of almonds in my handbag so if I get caught out for longer than expected I have something to snack on. Almonds, as a snack, are familiar to the healthy me.

Here are some suggestions for swapping unhealthy options for healthy options:

Swap this…  for this

Chocolate bar… for 20g raw almonds

Potato chips… for a 13g bag of low salt popcorn

Lollies… for 30g of dried fruit

Soft drinks… for plain mineral or soda water

Ice cream… for a frozen banana, blended

Action step

There may still be some things that aren’t quite the healthy options you know you should be reaching for – find a healthier option and start making it familiar.