Portion size tips

portion size tips

These portion size tips and charts will give you a good range of guidelines for portion sizes for weightloss.

The best guideline to follow for your lunch or dinner plate is half a plate of vegetables/salad, one quarter of protein and one quarter carbs.

  1. Meat and chicken. The size of raw meat portions should be 120g for women and 150g for men. For a piece of beef steak cut the fat off the side and it will drop the fat count down by half.
  2. Cooked rice should be between ½ to ¾ cup for women; 1 cup for men
  3. Cooked spaghetti should be 1 cup for women and 1½ cups for men.
  4. Vegetables are unlimited; but this does not include potato, sweet potato or corn as these are high in carbohydrates. Avocado is the other exception and a 30g serve is recommended. It is recommended you have five serves of vegetables a day; a serve equals half a cup.
  5. Fruit is so good for you but how much are you having? To lose weight women should have 2–3 pieces and for men 3–4 pieces a day. For maintaining weight 4–5 pieces a day maximum. The size per serve is 150g (includes skin and seeds) so if your apple weighs 225g then it is one and half fruit serves.

portion plate

3 tools to help manage your portions

  1. Use a portion plate for your mail meals – a great reminder to serve the correct portion sizes for your mail meals  FIND OUT MORE HERE
  2. Use a portion bowl for cereal and desserts – as mentioned above they remind you not to over-serve – FIND OUT MORE HERE
  3. Cook my recipes – divide each recipe into the number of portions shown as you are serving up and don’t go back for seconds. Freeze leftover portions for another day.

Weightloss portion chart – serving size for adults

Portion chart

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