Melbourne Cup Day Tips

Melbourne Cup Day Tips

My ten best tips to keep you on track on race day

When it comes to Melbourne Cup Day everyone wants a hot tip, so they can back a winner. But today I want to focus on tips of a different kind – to ensure you don’t lose sight of your healthy eating plan and ensure your health is the winner. Cup Day lunches are renowned for rich indulgent foods and excessive alcohol; definitely not a slimmer’s friend. I’m not saying you can’t enjoy a lunch out, but I will say don’t use it as an excuse to just go for it! So, take a look at my ten tips below and decide which tips will help you most when faced with temptation on the day. The secret is to have a plan before you get to the event, so you know how to manage the day in a healthy way.

Melbourne Cup Day Tips:

  1. Reduce your calorie intake the day before or the day after
  2. Don’t go hungry, have a snack before you leave
  3. Increase your weekly exercise
  4. Have a light meal in the evening to compensate for the larger lunch
  5. Make your first drink water or diet soft drink, have a couple of wines with lunch and then revert back to water
  6. Avoid food that has been deep fried or covered in cream
  7. Choose fresh or grilled seafood where possible
  8. Ask for a fruit plate for dessert or pick the least calorie laden dessert option
  9. Sit facing away from the food if it’s a buffet lunch; out of sight, out of mind
  10. Take your good intentions with you. It is only a lunch not your last chance to eat a good meal

Melbourne Cup comes around every year so be sensible with your choices. You will feel so great the next day and it won’t be the downfall of your healthy eating plan.

And most importantly, if you do have a blow out, don’t wait until Monday to get back on track – wake up Wednesday morning and get back into your healthy routine, you’ll be so glad you did.

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