Is your lifestyle wreaking havoc with your weight loss?

“Good food choices are investments in my future health”

Lifestyle can often be a big factor in whether a person is overweight. Here are three things that could be wreaking havoc with your weight loss:

  1. Stress. A stressed person will often skip meals then overeat, and often make poor food choices, to satisfy their hunger.
  2. Eating according to your mood. For example, an angry person will turn to food to bite into and chew. A sad or upset person will choose soft creamy types of food. This may explain why so many of us turn to chocolate when feeling upset.
  3. Having a hectic schedule. This person will tend to eat on the run without thinking about finding the healthy option, all they care about is not being hungry. Who thinks about nutritional value when they’re on a dead line?

To avoid relying on junk food to fill the gaps you need to be organised. Plan the meals ahead for the week and shop ahead so that you have healthy food in the freezer and pantry. Pack lunch for work if there’s no guarantee of healthy meal options on the run.

Action step

Next time you’re feeling the urge to grab for the wrong food, take a moment to stop and figure out why it happened. Are you stressed? Did something happen to trigger your emotions? Did you skip a meal? Once you recognise the signs it’s much easier to plan a solution prior to being derailed.