Make getting active a priority

Getting active

If you are a couch potato more than a jumping bean then I bet you find it really easy to think of good reasons why you shouldn’t exercise.

In summer you might think it’s too hot to exercise, in winter it’s too cold and dark, perhaps you feel you’re too busy or simply too tired to go out for a walk. Not being physically active could be one of the reasons you are carrying around some extra kilos. Getting active doesn’t need to be that hard. Studies have proven that we all need to move our bodies for optimum good health.

To improve your general healthy and well-being I suggest you make getting active a priority.

Don’t wait to find time to exercise, add it into your daily to-do list or write it into your diary. Make it a priority, make it happen.

Here are 5 simple ways to add more activity into your day:

  1. Give your house a spring clean. Your house look fantastic and you will burn calories.
  2. Play with your children or grandchildren. Throw them the ball and see how puffed you can get by such a simple act. Running around the back yard having fun with your little ones means an increase in heart rate and is an easy way to improve your stamina. Plus the kids will be active as well.
  3. Get your garden gloves on and clear those unwanted weeds. Spending time outdoors will lift your spirits and fill your lungs with fresh air. Even though you aren’t running all over the place gardening can definitely get your heart rate up and burn fat.
  4. Take your dog for a walk. If your dog is overweight this is a sure sign that you are not active enough so grab the pooch and go for a walk. I guarantee you will both be so much better for the experience.
  5. Get a pedometer. If you are serious about getting active this will show you the real story about how much you are moving. Aim for 10,000 steps per day. Not quite there yet? Improve your steps by 10% per week to gradually build up your fitness level.

A healthy eating plan is also important for general health and well-being, read more about that here.