I just wanted to let you know how much I love your cookbooks! I have successfully lost the 15 kg gained during my first pregnancy. I was really hoping not to gain weight again with my second pregnancy but somehow gained the same amount second time around.

During my first pregnancy I gained a lot of weight, had severe fluid retention and was induced at 40 weeks due to gestational diabetes.

Throughout my second pregnancy I used your recipes and can happily report no gestational diabetes,  fluid retention only in the final week and the pregnancy went full term.

I have you to thank for giving me hope and confidence that I can lose the weight, and more, again! I have so far lost 10kg and will be continuing until I reach my goal.

I love that I can eat normal food and that I can have complete faith that if I work hard and stick to the plan the weight will go! I really cannot thank you enough as you have changed my life.

Julia, Facebook