Healthy Veggie Soup

Difficulty | Serves 8 | Book 6

Healthy Veggie Soup Cookbook 6

500g orange sweet potato
500g pumpkin (Kent)
500g carrots (about 5 large)
cooking spray
1 large onion diced
2 teaspoons crushed garlic (in jar)
2 teaspoons crushed ginger (in jar)
2 teaspoons ground coriander
2 teaspoons ground cumin
2 teaspoons ground Cajun seasoning
2 litres water
3 teaspoons salt-reduced vegetable stock powder
1 cup frozen corn kernels
1 x 400g can chick peas (drained)

Per serve
Kilojoules636 (cals 152)
GI RatingLOW


1: Peel and dice sweet potato and pumpkin.

2: Peel and slice carrots then leave to one side.

3: Coat the base of a large boiler generously with cooking spray then sauté onion, garlic and ginger for 2 minutes.

4: Add coriander, cumin and Cajun seasoning to pot and cook for 30 seconds.

5: Add water, sweet potato, pumpkin, carrots and stock powder to pot. Stir well and once boiled reduce to a slow boil for around 30 minutes, or until carrots are cooked through.

6: Process soup using either a hand held stick blender or food processor until smooth.

7: Lastly add corn and chick peas to pot. Once boiled, serve. 

NOTE: Instead of having a smooth soup you can use a potato masher to break up vegetables so that it has a chunkier texture.

NOTE: An adapted version of this recipe is also in Cooking for 1 or 2 people

Suitable to be frozen.

Dietitian's tip

This tasty, low-fat, low-GI healthy soup is the perfect meal for people with diabetes. If you are still hungry, add a small multigrain bread roll.

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